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Byredo create limited edition box for Mister Marvelous

19th June, 2012

Byredo have created a limited edition box for the fragrance Mister Marvelous in tribute to Christiaan Houtenbos. A collection of 200 orange limited edition Mister Marvelous, 100ml Eau de Parfum have been signed personally by Christiaan Houtenbos. Byredo's Ben Gorham says of Houtenbos:[INDENT=2]“Born of humble origins, of a rura…

Byredo unveil Seven Veils

by Grant Osborne, 02nd November, 2011

Byredo has launched new fragrance based on Salome’s dance of the seven veils: "Painted and bejewelled, Salome turns to the art of shameless seduction. Barefoot, sanguine and kohl-eyed, she demands a man’s head on a plate in exchange for one single dance....."Ben Gorham, founder of Byredo, says:“On that first morning the moon sinks late an…

Les Senteurs kicks off celebrations with Byredo event

by Grant Osborne, 01st October, 2009

Today marks the start of a month-long celebration of London's Les Senteurs 25th Anniversary. Tonight, Byredo founder Ben Gorham will kick off proceedings by talking about his collection and the olfactory memories that inspired each fragrance, plus a preview of his new fragrance - Baudelaire.Exotic, gorgeous, philosophical Ben Gorham …

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Les Senteurs celebrate 25 years with Meet the Perfumers events

by Grant Osborne, 09th September, 2009

To mark the 25th anniversary of the UK’s oldest independent perfumery, Les Senteurs has arranged a month long celebration of the finest luxury fragrances on the planet.From October 1st throughout the beginning of November, the store will host a series of ten evenings, each featuring a talk from one of the most exciting and talented …

Swedish brand Byredo launch five new fragrances

by Grant Osborne, 11th April, 2008

Byredo is a new fragrance brand from Stockholm, Sweden, that will launch five scents this summer. Byredo (from 'by redolence') fragrances are all inspired by the memories of founder, Ben Gorham. The five fragances can all be worn by men or women and are all Eau de Parfums:Chembur is named for the neighbourhood in which Gorham…