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S O T D wednesday June 9th 2010

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I will be almost a recluse, locked up at home for several days to do a lot of grading, so I can experiment with fragrances!
Today it was Asja by Fendi on one arm and Guerlain L'Instant on the other.
I had fun comparing them, they are both honeyed orientals (L'Instant listed as a floriental and Asja as oriental), and while Asja puts forth a soft cloud of decidedly natural aromas, L'Instant has a pointed hard edge, and yes, I can see how one may be finding it synthetic. Do I like it regardless? Oh yes! I am also excited because I was able to smell both jasmine and magnolia in it. It impressed me more than Asja, but I might just try it by itself to enjoy it with no comparisons/distractions.



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