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SOTD Thursday 10 JUNE 2010

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Another day I will spend glued to my laptop. I ran to it first thing in the morning, expecting students to have tech issues and needing me to reset their tests. Yep, there was some of that, but thankfully not as much as I thought it would be! So, TMI, I know, no shower for me yet, so I cautiously dabbed some samples to try on before I shower. Honey and the Moon by Tokyo Milk, I thought, would be a real winner, since I love everything honey, but no, it smells more like a raspberry jam tart on me. Not what I bargained for as they say
On my other arm is Victoria Secret Very Sexy Now the Beauty of Brazil. I do not like coconut laden "tropical" perfumes, at least I haven't met one I liked yet.

I am not the journey to test some complex scents, and the ones I am wearing right now cannot be described as complex. But I am too bored to work when I don't wear anything! I'll be checking in with some Chanels later.
Chanel #22 is lovely. I had it on one arm and Fleurs de Rocaille on the other one. Shawn voted for Fleurs by biting my arm, sweet I like them both. Felt lily in #22. It seems more direct to me, less playful and changing than Fleurs. Fleurs de Rocaille seem to be like moving water, always changing a little bit, playing hide and seek. Very much fun! I am thinking about a FB.

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