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An incessant sampler

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Well, the first thing that comes to mind right now is that I do have Ascendant in Gemini, astrologically speaking, and there was a point in my life when I took some care to learn the lingo and a little bit of what's behind it. So some of Gemini's incessant experimentation applies to me to an extent.

I set out to try some lovely decants (thank you, if you're reading this you know who you are for letting me enroll in your master class!) to learn about perfume. I did learn some about that, but I really did learn something about myself. I thought I'd be trying each one in one day, making it a completely unique experience of each perfume playing solo.

No, instead I tried two in a day and compared them with each other and looked for some reference points from the other things in my wardrobe. I realized that this is what I tend to do -- try two at time when I am at home and wear something from my FBs when I am going out.

The classes are over and I spent this week grading and preparing classes for the Summer quarter -- no rest for the weary! -- at home all the time, and I wanted to try and compare. I went with what I wanted. I guess I just have to accept that this is what I like to do, turn into an incessant sampler with Gemini rising never satisfied with less than two fragrances at a time. Fine, I have samples enough to last me... hummm... a month perhaps but this is not an issue since I can easily fill up an order with the things I'd like to test. Plus, I swap samples with some people all the time.

What is interesting to me is that from all this follows that when I am at home I apply fragrances with a different purpose then when I am around people. I guess this is understood, such is nature of social life.

But I am at home most of the time! So this means that I need more samples and fewer full bottles because I am at home more often than out (Blessed Be!). This is something that I am glad to know now.

Actually, I'll be out a lot next week! I am looking forward to at least one impeccable day in Fleurs de Rocaille. I'll wear it to Katie's defense I think. A shield made of flowers. It is just my skin warmed by the Sun after I slept in flowers for me and my love, but for that chair of the committee it will create a reflective coating around me. You cannot get me. You have to take responsibility when I did all the work.



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