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Holy CREED, Batman!

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Finally got a minute to visit Saks at Polaris (Columbus, OH) to see what all the hype is about surrounding Creed, in particular, Jasmin, since several forums authors declared it one of the most seductive frags of all time. I mean, really? Is it that good?

Oh, yes, and much, much more! The SA was great. (It pays to know your stuff before approaching a Saks SA at their fine fragrance counter, so a brief history lesson in the Creed family legend was time well spent.) I blushed with her enthusiasm as she shared her experience of her recent visit to the NYC Creed store and the 250-year anniversary of the famous French house. Apparently, a son or grandson will be going on tour in October-ish, and our celebrated C-bus is on the "maybe" list of city stops.

After sampling the pure-pleasure-potion on a fancy Creed-inscribed slip, I flagrantly flaunted my sheer ecstasy a the mere whiff of HEAVEN. I love this. I have found a new purpose. I'll be a good girl from now on, so that when I die I will go the Heaven and have my family, my friends, and blissfully bathe in a big old bottle of Jasmin Imperatrice Eugenie for all eternity.

Then my angel of a SA, seeing the rapture on my face, bestowed upon me a genuine empathetic smile along a generous sample of....there are just no words for it, you know, the JUICE!! Alas, the clock chimed midnight, I mean 9:00 PM, and I floated out the door just as the gates of Heaven, I mean Saks, closed behind me.

Seriously I thank God for blessing Earth with talents such as the Creed boys, and for the gift of scent, so that I may have caught a glimpse (whiff) of His beauty and His Kingdom Come.


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  1. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    Great post! I was wondering which Creed would have you so enraptured, but when you said JIE, I was TOTALLY on board. That is a rather amazing scent, and I came very close to buying it myself. I think that's Kevin Guyer's favorite, too, if I'm not mistaken.

    So you might be getting a visit from one of the Creeds? Very interesting. That might be worth some vacation time. I can imagine - the SAs at that store are excellent.

    So many Creeds. So little time (and money). Seriously, though - if you can sense the extra flourish of scent that goes into so many of these pricier fragrances, and it floats your boat (as it does mine), you can see why it's worth it to people. I don't care if the person who first wore JIE was Imperatrice Eugenie or Courtney Love - it's simply an awesome fragrance.

    PS - Welcome to Basenotes!


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