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Mystery of Musk

Sensual Embrace- Sexy Poetic

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Perfumer – JoAnne Bassett( Fragrance therapist- couture perfumer )

(Eau de Parfum concentration )

I received my labeled sample with a lovely introductory letter and a business card. It’s truly good and appreciated to receive letters describing the perfumer’s inspiration for their fragrant creations.

Notes listed : Clementine, Rose de Mai, vintage jasmine sambac, tuberose, orange blossoms, ambrette seed, an amber accord, tobacco, vintage Mysore sandalwood, violet, green mandarin, patchouli and some other mystery notes ! In total 16 ingredients infused in grape alcohol from wine grapes. 100 % botanical goodness!

JoAnne’s creation is a deep yellow colored scent and quite potent. Only a few drops of this is needed for a olfactory ride.

Upon application, the fragrance blooms, all lush, mixed floral – rose, jasmine and tuberose with a hint of citrus which pulls it back from being over the top ,keeps it elegant . It is extravagantly beautiful to begin with .That vintage jasmine, the rose de mai and tuberose are a fanfare - a treat for the nose! Sensual Embrace seems classical and romantic – all those warmly melded flowers.

Perfectly blended -the difference between this natural perfume and many commercial fragrances is vast .The former being a whole lot better! Sensual Embrace is a perfume of quality and memorable.

I found the top notes remained prominent for longer than I thought they would, slowly making their exit as the scent began to turn more powdery and amber-y. This is when the orange notes entered strongly with patchouli and the dry down became a festival of gold orange musk. ( I did not perceive the tobacco note .)

I would describe this fragrance as a symphony of deeply floral and musk notes – accordant, poetic and elegant. The richly musk dry down, still a little powdery, is also a little wicked and completely in tune with the whole scent.

Sensual Embrace goes from being a romantic, indulgent floral to a sexy , dark musk on my skin .It makes me think of a worldly woman whom after passionate love making, dressed quickly , put on her diamonds and gold, sprayed her exclusive perfume but mixed with that ; it is the musky sex scent of “une affaire d’amour” !

Longevity is quite good and I got decent sillage for close to an hour before the scent became much softer . Really it is a fairly potent mama .
JoAnne said in her letter, that she wanted this musk perfume to ’ throw a punch’ – it does. Saucy, dramatic but oh, so chic!

Updated 27th June 2010 at 03:01 AM by Mimi Gardenia

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  1. JoAnne's Avatar
    Thank you for a wonderful review.
  2. Mimi Gardenia's Avatar
    You're welcome JoAnne- I really enjoyed Sensual Embrace - so beautiful ,long lasting.
  3. Somerville Metro Man's Avatar
    Nice review Mimi. I definitely found the musk less prominent on me than it seems like it was on you. For me it was like a come-on between the intense floral notes and the powerhouse basenotes. I always detected it and it floated out on the periphery throughout the development. I toally agree with you that Sensual Embrace truly lives up to the first half of its name.


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