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Prep for Sniff & Speak

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Wow, it's officially less than a week before the July Sniff & Speak! I didn't order a sampler of greens from the Perfumed Court, but got some ideas for greens from them (from the deluxe green sampler, mainly). I got four samples (plenty for a Saturday!):

- Celadon : A Velvet Green by DSH Perfumes (an aromatic green classified by Fragrantica);
- Botanical Essence No. 1 by Liz Earle (classified by Fragrantica as aromatic, mainly because bergamoth and lavender, I guess);
- Chanel #19 -- I have a lovely sample of that;
and ta-da!
- Sous Le Vent. In fact, I think this one was included in TPC Green Sampler, and this finally convinced me in not buying a sampler (leave it for next July!) and trying what I have in the samples today.

My dream for Sniff & Speak this year?

4711 Acqua Colonia Melissa & Verbena
Muelhens 4711 Acqua Colonia Rhubarb & Clary Sage
Would love to try these, but I have no idea where to get the samples! I haven't seen them anywhere in the US...

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  1. Un Belle Parfum's Avatar
    No19 is lovely, I have the parfum and it's such an unusual and captivating perfume. I've been curious about DSH for a while, but I find the choice so overwhelming!
  2. Warum's Avatar
    Yes, she has a lot! Maybe you can start with a sample pack? She has her own top picks and hidden ones. And, she has a sale right now -- check it out! I wish I knew about the sale at dshperfumes before I picked up a bunch of samples from The Perfumed Court!!

    Deal at dshperfumes: take 20% off with coupon code July10, good through 7/21.


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