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Which fragrance(s) seem to affect your mood the most?

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I would start by saying what's been said by many: I do not tend to keep or wear a perfume that doesn't have this ability to change my mood in some more or less predictable way.
I've been trying to devise some sort of "rubric" for putting stars on my samples and bottles of perfume for the wardrobe. When something ranks at 4, this means I am starting to get some of this connection with my mood. When I start getting a connection between the perfume and my mood, that's where usually 3 stars change into 4 stars... or even 5 stars!

Pure White Linen grounds me. I wear it when I know that I have a long day at the University and will be seeing a bunch of people. Every time I catch a whiff of my perfume in the air, I feel instantly reassured, grounded, and collected.
Miracle by Lancome... I call it "my pink gingerade." One time I experienced it as a pink halo over my head. It's has a carefree, no-control-necessary, hang-out-with friends quality for me, but it works for work as well, just makes me more smily and chatty (rather than more serious and concentrated as PWL).
Fleurs de Rocaille is likely to be my next purchase. The initial burst of aldehydes and flowers always makes me stop in my tracks, throw my arms to the sides and take a deep breath with a smile -- rather, a grin! -- on my face. I love it. It makes me feel... well, me. Serious and sensual at the same time. Happy and reflective. I think I am in love so please stop listening to my ramble :-)

I won't be able to say better than Morgaine did; me too get purry and cuddly from some amber accords. In fact, I spray BBW Sensual Amber (heavy on fruit and vanilla) on my winter shawl that I keep for wrapping in when I'm at home.

If I need a jolt of energy, as BayKAT put it before, an offlactory espresso, I go for Ma Griffe, but only for the earlier version. 2000s reformulation doesn't do it for me.



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