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Update on events

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If you are wondering why most of Basenotes is missing then read this earlier post - which though is two months old, is still valid.

You may wonder what has been going on for the last two months... Well recoding seven years of work takes much longer then you'd think.

I hope its not going to take seven years.

The key to getting most things done is money and time. If you don't have one if you have a lot of the other, you can still get things done. If you have neither... things take a little longer.

Here is the new plan. I am going to roll out the recoded website bit by bit. I'll publish here a list of what still needs doing, so check back to see what is happening.

Thanks for the patience (again).

  1. Update the community and blog parts to use the new template -- done! 19 Mar -- lots of broken links and stuff still, but getting there....
  2. switch the domain to point towards the recoded pages
  3. bring back articles, interviews and industry news -- done 25 March 2007
  4. bring back flags, itrader, fix quiz + add bookshop - done 27 Mar
  5. finish recoding and bring back fragrance directory
  6. finish recoding and bring back fragrance reviewing
  7. finish recoding and bring back wardrobe functionality
  8. upload the results for the Basenotes fragrance awards 2008
  9. relax
  10. add lots of new features
  11. ?????
  12. Profit (with apologies to slashdot)

Updated 27th March 2008 at 08:22 PM by Grant



  1. Montecristo's Avatar

    If you need any help with ANYTHING, you have a server admin at your disposal. We truly appreciate your hard work.

    Ben Lee
    aka Montecristo
  2. Natural_Juice's Avatar
    Grant, I have a great computer guy who may be able to help. Let me know.
  3. bluesoul's Avatar
    Grant, I've written some bridging software for vBulletin in prior jobs, if I can help you out in any way (even if it's just looking at the code and making suggestions) feel free to contact me either here or at either messenger in my profile, or via email.

  4. SirSlarty's Avatar
    I wish I knew how to code so I could help out more than becoming a Supporter.
  5. Grant's Avatar
    @Ben - thanks mate - have you changed your username -- I may need some help if you know anything about setting up email servers?

    @Anya - Cheers for the note -- sadly due to my untidy coding, it would probably take me longer to explain it to someone else than to do it myself

    @bluesoul - The amount of times I look at software and think that would be great on Basenotes, and then come unstuck as I'd like it to connect with Vb..... I may be in touch at some point, once things are normal again (normal?)

    @SirSlarty - your support is support enough

    Thanks all

    BTW, about to do part one.
  6. Sorcery of Scent's Avatar
    Excellent work so far Grant - you're a trooper and we love you for it! ;)
  7. kbe's Avatar
    Nice new BN page look Grant! It took me totally by suprise while surfing the Threads..
  8. Vivek's Avatar
    Thanks for the great community I'm loving the new template
  9. silverbullet's Avatar
    Nice job Grant!! I like the new look, feel, and navigation features as well. Seems to me at this point the page load is much quicker, thanks again
    Updated 20th March 2008 at 12:29 PM by silverbullet
  10. Scentologist's Avatar
    Dear Grant,

    Thank you for your enthusiasm and endless work. Codding sounds complicated and the fact you seem to be self taught and willing to learn to statisfy our needs for fragrant communion is indeed nolbe and amirable. Keep up the good work and may the toil of your labor never go unnoticed! Cheers!
  11. jlros's Avatar

    Whooopppppiiiieeee - I noticed the last part says "profit"? Does that mean you take it public just prior to that time and all of us early financial supporters get a silly amount of stock we get to cash out on the IPO!!!!?????

    Good luck with the transition and thanks for all the hard work!

  12. Scentologist's Avatar
    Sorry about the latest setback with the virus. Sometimes, when it rains it pours. You are very intelligent and I am confident you will resolve this issue in time. Try not to work too hard and kill yourself over this. We will be here waiting. Take care and good luck!


  13. Scentologist's Avatar
    The board is looking nice my friend and functions with ease. Thanks for all the hard work and again, I really love the way the board looks!

  14. scentsitivity's Avatar
    Grant, the Perfume Quiz link doesn't work at the Home Page, but works elsewhere.

    It is nice to see the progress!
  15. buyers_remorse's Avatar
    perfume blog is a good site in meantime.
  16. JaimeB's Avatar

    Thank you so much for the return of the Fragrance Directory. It was sorely missed and very welcome back. You have done such a great job on restoring the site so far. You are definitely our hero!
  17. xclusive's Avatar
    good job redoing the website, its a bit more modern now :P I have a question, seeing as how u brought back the reviews, will there be a link ranking them from most popular to least reviewed like there was before? I found that really useless when lookin for new stuff


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