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Basenotes Orientation Day

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Hopefully this page will help answer all the questions you may have about what has happened to Basenotes. The big issue at the moment is that there are lots of things missing. I'll do my best to communicate with you dates and times when I know them. Some things may take longer to re-appear than others.

For those of you that are unaware, this version of the site is running on the software that we used previous to May 2013. From May 2013 to October 2013, the site was running on proprietary software in partnership with Huddler.

Your User Account

If you were a Basenotes member with an account before 15th May 2013

Members who have been a member of Basenotes before 15th May 2013 will have their account exactly as it was on 15th May. If you've changed your password since then, you will have to log-in with your previous password.

If you cannot remember you password, you can find out more about getting it reset here.

You can change your avatar, email address, password and other element of your password in your settings page.

If you joined Basenotes between 15th May and 1st October 2013.

We have imported your account from Huddler to this site. Because we are unable to transfer passwords from Huddler as they are encrypted, you will need to reset your password, which you can do here.

If you joined Basenotes after 3rd October 2013.

We're very sorry, but we may not have been able to import your account as yet. Have a look in our member directory for your chosen username. If it exists, then we have, and you can gain access to it by reseting your password.

We will endeavour to import the remaining users to Basenotes as soon as we are able. We will post a timelines on this page when we know. If you do not intend to post in the immediate future, you may wish to hold on a bit.

However, if you are itching to make a post about the latest in Aventus batch numbers, feel free to go ahead and register a new account (once we have switched on new registrations). Once we have everything imported we should be able to merge both of them.

Currently Missing Data

It is understandable that some of you are wishing to know when things will return to the site. Because the Huddler software stored the data in a different way to how we used to and there is no documentation about restoring it to the previous schema, it isn't as plain-sailing as we would like.

Non User-Generated Content

99% of the non-user generated content from the site, should already be here. By "Non user-generated content" we mean thing we added to the site, such as fragrances in the database, feature articles and news posts.

User-Generated Content

By user-generated content we mean things our members have created or generated, such as reviews, comments, forum posts, private messages, post counts, itrader feedback, wardrobes etc. These will be uploaded as soon as we are able, but we can't give an exact time-line at the moment.

However, we have most of the forum posts from the last 6 months archived in the Temporary Huddler Archive section, should you need to reference them before they are converted over properly.

(I should note, that when I say 'missing', I mean 'missing from the site', I don't mean 'missing' as in 'lost')

Basenotes Plus

Hello to Basenotes Plus members!

Firstly, thank you for being a Basenotes Plus member. Your support has helped the site stay around and evolve over the years.

Secondly, the Basenotes Plus membership system wasn't always properly working on Huddler, so because of this we are giving anyone who had a Plus Membership during the Huddler period and extra six months of membership.

Thirdly, we have reduced the price of Basenotes Plus membership for new members. As a result, we have extended your existing membership a pro-rata amount so that you have paid the same rate as new members. This is on top of the 6 months extra. (By the way, I've worked all these out manually on a case-by-case basis -- if you don't think it looks like you have enough time added -- you can view when it ends on this page here -- then please let me know. If it looks like you have too much, then maybe keep it to yourself!)

Lastly, because Paypal won't let us extend subscriptions, we have had to cancel all of the Paypal agreements, so when your membership comes to an end it won't autorenew. If you wish to remain a member after your subscription period you can simply sign up again.

If you are not a Basenotes Plus member and want to find out what it's all about, you can have a look here.


We no longer have a mobile web version of the site. However, once we have the data conversion sorted out, this is one of the things we will be giving priority to.

In the meantime, you should be able to access the site on your mobile device using these apps: (Update -- none of these appear to be working for Basenotes at the moment, I'm looking into this now)


We are currently using the default search for vBulletin, which isn't the best thing in the world. If you are looking for fragrances, use the fragrance directory rather than vBulletin search, as that will only index forums, blogs, articles etc


The site may be a bit slow at first as the server is likely to take a hammering, with people requesting passwords. This should stabilise though.

Questions / errors / etc

We know there is lot to do still. But, if you wish to ask a question or report a bug, the best place is in our community centre forum here, or contact us using this form.

Updated 12th November 2013 at 09:38 PM by Grant

Behind the Scenes


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  1. remik's Avatar
    What can I say... it's on and off again. Right now pages do load - perhaps you've made server change to that LimitRequestFieldSize option I mentioned before? Page load times are dreadfully slow, though.

    I don't want to be overly dramatic, but, if the site does stay at these dreadfully slow load times, I can see myself visiting it on a much, much, much less frequent schedule. This site is only fun if you can participate in it, the forums, reviews, PMs, etc - quickly and easily. If you have to wait 20+ seconds for a single page to load, it becomes annoying very fast. Hope you can appreciate it - as you have already made one move before to fix this exact issue. Now we are back to square one, with reviews and forum posts from April 2013 and nothing in between, no PMs and no feedback.

    It's really odd getting email notifications for "new" messages posted on April 21... My newest PM in my inbox is dated May 1.

    The site has not been "moved back to the old system" - someone just took an old site backup from May and restored it onto a new cPanel server, and I hope it's not nimbushosting's 15.00 plan, because it really feels like the server is terribly underpowered to handle this site.
  2. lpp's Avatar
    As advised in the announcement in Forum News prior to the move, pm's etc., will follow.

    Members were advised to save any data that might be required for immediate reference.

    I'm personally having normal load times - sorry that you're having problems.
  3. fitch256's Avatar
    I honestly did not even know this was happening until yesterday morning, and I have logged in every day before that. The sticky wasn't noticeably posted universally throughout the site until yesterday, so I had no idea this was going to happen until it was hours from happening.
  4. lpp's Avatar
    @LizardKing - Sotd data should catch up with the other data in due course.

    @fitch256 - will look into your issue.

    If members could start new threads for tech issues in the 'Bugs' section of the Community section please, they should receive attention.

    I will start a thread on the subscription issue for you, fitch256.
  5. remik's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by lpp
    I'm personally having normal load times - sorry that you're having problems.
    Can you define "normal"?

    I have a multi-10GigE connection to the net, and my MBP is connected to a switch on a 1Gbps port, with verifiable GigE connectivity (1000Mbps), yet "the new" takes 5-30 seconds per page to load (SOTD page takes a very long time, FORUM probably loads the fastest). This is orders of magnitude times slower than the previous system which would load pages in perhaps 1 second, maybe 2 seconds on a slow day.

    Since the mobile interface is no more, I installed Tapatalk on my iPhone 5s and it's even slower (on both Wi-Fi and LTE). Is this the future of BN on mobile devices?

    All tests done from San Diego, CA, if that helps.
  6. fitch256's Avatar
    Thanks for the help, lpp. I was able to seemingly fix the issue by finding a spot buried somewhere - I honestly cannot remember how I got there - that allowed me to unsubscribe to the blogpost.
  7. aphexacid's Avatar
    ^ yes painfully slow over here as well remik. Located in Chicago.

    Hopefully the speed issue can be fixed. Otherwise the older site is the best!
  8. L'Homme Blanc Individuel's Avatar
    Uhm... what happened? We've been de-huddlered?
  9. bookhouseshell's Avatar
    There's no place like home, there's no place home, there's no place like home...
  10. Buysblind's Avatar
    Personally, I think the new site sucks!

  11. aphexacid's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by fitch256
    Can someone please post how to stop receiving an email every single time someone responds to this thread? The unsubscribe to blog post option is not working and I've disabled every possible receive email notification in my settings, yet I'm still getting spammed to hell by these emails. Very frustrating.
    Yeah same thing is happening to me. I don't see anyway to turn it off either. Every time someone replies to this thread, I get an email.
  12. dougczar's Avatar
    Nice and slow, just like I remember it.

    "The site may be a bit slow at first as the server is likely to take a hammering, with people requesting passwords. This should stabilise though."

    Ummm, I sure hope no one is expecting any increase in speed once people stop requesting passwords - that should have absolutely zero impact on a website - unless you are receiving about 100+ requests / second... which I seriously doubt.

    I have personally handled dozens of data / site migrations (even some very sticky ones), and it has never been done piecemeal - very curious how one would handle some PK/FK data relations if not done in a single backup/restore or bulk data transformation. Guess we will see...

  13. lpp's Avatar
    You should be able to unsubscribe in settings - I'll post instructions in the thread in 'bugs' in a minute - it worked for me.
  14. L'Homme Blanc Individuel's Avatar
    The unsubscribe option in settings isn't working for me.
    Settings > General Settings > Default Subscription Mode: Do not subscribe.

    ...but I'm still getting those emails.
  15. Grant's Avatar
    With regards to the emails - sorry - there is an unsubscribe to this blog entry button at the foot of the blog post - clicking that may solve it, but I'm unsure as to why the software assumes you want to subscribe to it just because someone has posted to it.I'll see if I can amend this in the back-end.
  16. Grant's Avatar
    I'm locking comments on here, to stop the email subs going out. I will look into that properly in the morning. If you have issues you wish to report, please do so in this forum here. I may well be going to bed soon - but I'll be on it in the morning!
  17. kbe's Avatar
    Everything old is new again!

    heh heh...looks like I slipped between the cracks..
  18. magnus611's Avatar
    Why oooohhhhh why , I love how it was before....can't believe it...why grant ooh why..I'm freaking out...i can only mean that the newer site was vulnerable to outside attack, that's the only credible reason, for such a change: I just hope it's for the best for when website revamp is for better not worse...ooh let it be so...fragantica's infrastructure is so terrible , hope basenotes does not look like that after this catastrophe of a hoping is for best ...once again for if it's not broken ..why changed it???
  19. oolala30's Avatar
    So thrilled! So happy! Thanks Grant!!
  20. RichNTacoma's Avatar
    I hope the reviews are not lost. I did over 60 in the last few months, since I joined. Perhaps I should have saved them in my own records...sigh..
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