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I wish I could write like that

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There is one blog in particular of which I have become an enthusiastic follower. Kafka is the author, at least that is her short name, you will see everything about her in the Section ABOUT ME and her name stems from the idea that her life has been a "Kafkaesque life". Busy all over the world. But instead of me putting it into words, here is the link to her marvelous blog. Each article has glorious photos with the narrative text. The whole website is elegantly set up.

On days, when I find in my mailbox the notification that a new article has been written and I have no time to read, I just bookmark it and read it later on in my leisure. Because lengthy and informative she writes.

And, I draw your attention to a recent Raffle. Maybe you can still enter. My chances of winning are smaller with this announcement, but I like to share. Good luck.



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