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Andrč Moreau

OPIUM year 2013: 11-batches blind test.

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The history of the "reformulations" involving Opium started many years ago -probably in the mid-80s- but only since 2008-2009 it began a serious -very serious- question.Reformulations since 2008-2009 were one of the most hot and.discussed topics, and you can find dozens of articles over the Net about it. All contributors, however, agree on a fact: Opium is no longer the same scent than before, opulent, rich and magnificent, a real symbol of a Golden Era. The aspect we want to explore, however, is an alleged "Year 2013 Reformulation" that - according to some people- made Opium coming back to its ancient days and former glory. True or false?
Let's go and verify it, with the usual "blind-test" using 11 different bottles, from different years.

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  1. odraudeduardo's Avatar
    Very interesting Indeed. Do you think YSL will bring back their original formulations? Including Kouros? I been looking for a vintage kouros bottle.


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