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Most Worn in June? + 2nd Quarter

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Yay, this is the first month I stuck to keeping track of all my wears! Whoo hoo!
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I almost started this thread yesterday, but worked instead and kept checking if someone else did
June 2010 was the first month I really stuck to it, keeping track of everything I wore and sampled.

The results stunned me. I am officially calling my June 2010 "A Month of Sampling Feast" -- I wore 52 different scents in June!!! Some wearings were "researchy" kinds -- one perfume reminded me of another, so I'd wear them on two different arms and compare while working at home. Sample and compare!

So, obviously, I will have very few repeats among these 52 different ones, but hands down my winner is
Caron Fleurs de Rocaille -- 4 times this month, decant is gone and I am planning to buy a FB of it.

3 timers --
Bond #9 New Haarlem, quickly became my favorite coffee, all others paled in comparison, even the first-loved Lumiere by DSH.
Cherry EDT Cerisier by L'Occitane, bought some before it's discontinued. Could have lived without it, but certainly like it and will share it with a couple of other people, so all if well!

2 times --
Guerlain Jardins de Bagatelle
Serge Lutens A La Nuit
Chanel Les Exclusives #22 (ooooh, I LIIIIKE that! I can see the sample finishing pretty quickly, but I am not sure I see a 200 ml bottle yet... let me turn the magic crystal...)
and my 2 FBs actually receiving some love and attention from a sample-crazy girl,
Lancome Miracle and
L'Occitane Miel et Citron Pailette Shimmering.

I fought with my Excel for Mac tooth and nail but no matter what I did the *** program wouldn't sort!! So I can only approximate the genres and houses of the month. The genre of the month is definitely honey, not too surprising given that I love honeyed perfumes and that the weather on the West coast is more than temperate, so no heat waves and heat spells! The crystal ball is clear again, so I see that this will be the winner in July as well (um, I have just ordered a couple of honey samplers from TPC).

The house of the month is L'Occitane -- 4 different perfumes, out of them one triple wearing, one double wearing!
The houses that got more than average attention this month are DSH (5 different perfumes sampled), Guerlain (4 different ones).
I also sampled four Yachtsman's fragrances, but will give them more attention next month, I didn't give any of them a full wear yet.
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