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Mystery of Musk

Craving - The X Factor

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Perfumer: Ambrosia of Perfume By Nature. Sydney, Australia

My package arrived all the way from Australia, intact. Ambrosia certainly presents her perfumes with flair and my sample of ‘Craving’ came in a soft leather like green pouch and 2 printed cards.

The name of this fragrance is very fitting …believe me.

Notes: Cocoa absolute, roasted nuts, caramel, hyraceum , ambrette seed, Australian sandalwood, 2 kinds of vetiver, oud and other notes ,not given. (Taken from Ambrosia’s blog)

An immediate question came to my mind. “Can I stop sniffing this fragrance long enough to write something intelligent about it? “Occasionally, you meet and sniff a scent that you connect with because it reaches subliminal levels. Craving is one of those. (I wonder if there are any pheromones in here…………) Although this fragrance is so open, embracing, gives up many of its olfactory secrets easily and comfortably – what is the X factor that makes it undeniably addictive, attractive and compelling?

Craving is the aroma that reminds you of all that was and is good in your world.

As the perfumer has said…there are no top notes, no flowers, no chypre notes. This is ‘honest to God’ goodness. It strips away all the frivolities and gets down to the serious business of just smelling ‘damned good’. So there is all this gourmand love goodness playing on my skin, around me and the musk just enhances all of it. Discreet and supportive of the entire fragrance . It increases the sexiness and takes Craving to deeper levels again. Subliminal, subliminal, subliminal and delicious.

An immediately intimate gourmand the scent is rounded, chewy, warm, butter cream, amber -deliciousness and that wonderful aromatic cocoa .It’s chocolate vanilla nutty goodness – rich and complete decadence. Dense, smokey –sweet with purring musk . Quite a linear fragrance, the aroma is long, powerful and deep. It’s never overpowering but satisfyingly lasting. As time goes by, hints of smoke, honey and sweet wood liquor arise. There is allure and passion in this. The sillage from this is surely heaven-like.

“You are not the food that I need,
you are the nourishment of my soul……” A Wedding Vow

Craving is deeply good especially if you have a sweet tooth. Inhaling this perfume is like savoring an excellent piece of artisan chocolate praline or the memory of sharing an intimate evening in front of a fire with only chocolate, toffee, roasted nuts and sweet wine for sustenance.

Craving is love, warmth, embraces, passion, desire, emotion, comfort, sex, lust , good memories and the making of memories to come. I love this perfume. It has soul.

*A note about Hyraceum
It is amazing what a squat little guinea pig-like animal can provide the world of perfumery with and how its waste products can be almost alchemical !Also called Africa stone – this is mean looking stuff. The aged dung and urine of the Rock Hyrax that has petrified, it looks like black rock. It’s not much to look at and I can surely pretend it didn’t come from any small mammal’s rear end.

Updated 1st July 2010 at 05:39 PM by Mimi Gardenia

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  1. Nisaba's Avatar
    I loved this review.

    I already have two other scents by the same perfumer - I'm now saving my pennies for this one!
  2. Mimi Gardenia's Avatar
    Nisaba- thank you ! Craving is very very good . I was blown away with it.
    Updated 2nd July 2010 at 09:49 PM by Mimi Gardenia
  3. chayaruchama's Avatar
    Sounds like you hit another winner !
    What a treat ;-)
  4. actiasluna's Avatar
    Ah, darn. Every time I read a review for a perfume as luscious-sounding as this one, I think... there goes my 401k. And my Roth IRA. And what will I do when I am surrounded with scent and eating only canned cat food?

    But what is life for, if not to enjoy. Satisfying cravings is a bit non-Buddhist but so . much . fun.
  5. Mimi Gardenia's Avatar
    Chaya and Luna- it is mouthwatering. I wanted to lick my arms .
    Updated 5th July 2010 at 05:52 PM by Mimi Gardenia
  6. vincent8x6's Avatar
    Sounds really promising.
  7. Sugandaraja's Avatar
    Fun review! I didn't answer until now, as when I first try a fragrance, I don't want my perceptions influenced by someone else or a note list.

    I love this one too. One of the best all-naturals I've tried!


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