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Fauve sent quelque chose...

S.O.T.D. - Wednesday, 11 December 2013.

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I couldn't find my L'Heure Bleu tester to use after Apres L'Ondée faded. I did use some argan oil on my pulse points this morning but it didn't make the fragrance entire last longer, just some elusive bit. I'm really hungry for Apres L'Ondée to last even a bit longer! Something creamy remained a few hours later which is more than usual.
So then Chance Eau Tendre tonight for a flower burst with the ice and snow since my nose already was smelling the two common flowers. I think Chance Eau Tendre will be good for summer and layer the two Guerlains in spring. I have more F/W fragrances so buying these three will round it out. I'm fickle and not very serious in the hot weather.



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