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Fauve sent quelque chose...

S.O.T.D. - Sunday, 15 December 2013.

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Day 3/4 testing Enchanted Forest, just a bit today and smelling on my hanky because my fiance's Royal Oud came in. OMG, what an amazing smell!
~Regarding Enchanted Forest, the sun came out today so I'm more aware of the other sides I'm smelling, Green and sweeter fruit as the flowers strengthen and develop too. It is a nice pace! The vanilla in also of course makes me think of fruit mousses but not like regular sweet fruity things, these are still fresh and tart. With an herb sprig as garnish. I'm glad for this because it's one reason I love berries over almost all other fruits...
I can see wearing this in warm but not horribly hot, humid weather. Blackcurrant ripens here in late June, the festival referenced in the fragrance literature is in July at night, there are garlands and if Rosemary is blooming, it is so fragrant and good. The Russian artwork ALSO jogged my memory and reminded me of this teacup I had wanted to get my Love as well, so I ordered it for him as a last-minute holiday gift. Hooray for associations!

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