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Fauve sent quelque chose...

S.O.T.D. - Tuesday, 17 December 2013.

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3:30am...Unfortunately, it's tomorrow already. Modern EDP

I wore this one application and can still smell a trace at 11:15pm.
I was not sure I much liked it the first few times I wore it, but 3-4th time, yes. I mistakenly ordered an additional sample vial, forgetting I had one stashed already so with 2ml to play with, I was a little more free with the application.

Unless there is a definite 'no' ingredient in fragrances from now on, I'm going to test them multiple times even if the first time doesn't really attract me. I'm more open to both layering experiments and to wearing things that smell good and that I can appreciate vs having to have just the small few 'comfort' fragrances that I absolutely adore and wear repeatedly. I think I'm growing a bit.



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