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Fauve sent quelque chose...

S.O.T.D. - Wednesday, 18 December, 2013.

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Sometimes the trouble with testing new perfumes is that it leads me on a trail to more perfumes which I turn also 'need to test'. Does anyone else have this problem? I'm going to have to look into a samples storage solution very quickly!

Much reading, much sniffing and more still is needed. I'm trying many methods to attempt to make scent cling more to my dry skin too, with only limited success.
But the first 3 of Dita's fragrances that I've tried fade away as quickly as EDT or cologne even though they are all labelled as Eau de Parfum.
Written reviews are more difficult for me to write, my nose and my brain get along but don't seem to want to talk to my typing fingers except through the pictures. 📷

I don't usually buy many celebrity scents, I have Fame, Saint and Sinner because I wanted the ring and one of Gwen Stefani's Love mini bottles which I admit was prompted mostly by odd bottle nostalgia!

But I read that Dita was much more involved in the decision-making regarding her branded fragrances and I'm intrigued by her DIY glamour approach so I admit, I was curious enough to order some samples. Not quite tempted enough yet to storm the Home Shopping Network site to buy the 3-bottle special though, even on sale with a coupon.
So, onward on the fragrance trail to inspirations. Following some cunning detective work (well, pleasurable reading here, actually ), I made some assumptions.
Dita is in her 40's so likely she would have worn the '80's version of Quelques Fleurs not the 2009, since she was already working on her first perfume in 2010. Though her penchant for vintage could have influenced her to seek or use the original.
A good case to compare Fleur Teese to all three though, hm?

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