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That One Green Chypre

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Size:  13.9 KB When I first came to BN, I really didn't care for them. The Chypres. The mossiness was sort of a dealbreaker for me. Just too old lady. But as I collected vintage bottles, interspersed with occasional trips to retail establishments, I began to notice when the restricted ingredients weren't there, and I missed moss and clove and everything else. In spite of myself, I started appreciating and even liking the retro chypres. Vintage Chantilly, vintage 1000, Arpege, and the whole auntie wardrobe in general. There were a few disappointments, I wasn't swept away by Mitsouko or Sous Le Vent, and a few sleeper hits, like Cuir D'Oranger by Miller Harris. But then there was That One Green Chypre...Caline by Jean Patou.


  1. jujy54's Avatar
    Isn't it something how that "one" will come and get you? For me, at least in the warm weather, it's Weil de Weil. Not sure whether it qualifies as chypre, but, oh, is it ever green. My first bottle was a gift form a friend's mother, and I rediscovered as part of the fragrance journey I've taken up in the past 5 years or so/
  2. Ursula's Avatar
    Oh, I just love "Caline" - fond memories are attached.

    Re: Chypres - you may wish to examine the "Chypre Mousse" by Oriza L. Legrand and "Chypre Palatin" by MDCI Paris.
  3. Fleurine's Avatar
    Thanks for the recs Ursula and Jujy54.
  4. kumquat's Avatar
    Mitsouko didn't do it for you? Did you have vintage parfum? That's quite something.

    For a cheap thrill, check out Houbigant- Aperçu still out there on the Internet. And for a more expensive , but flawlessly creamy, dreamy ride, try ​Profumum- Rosae Mundi.
  5. Fleurine's Avatar


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