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A Fragrant New Years Resolution

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"Most people's goal on here is to push forward and expand their journey. ... I'm going to regress and go back to the roots."

Some background. I've been in this hobby since late 2011. Really actively pursued it in 2012, sampling upwards of 30 fragrances a month. Was also quite active in the first half of 2013 as well, but in recent months, I've laid back a bit. Been reading BN for a while, but started an account relatively recently.

So, 2014 is a new year. I was going through some tough times in 2011 and 2012, and I've been grateful for the fragrance community to help me get through it. But I think my mentality toward fragrances are slowly changing. I used to be a normal everyday person who felt cologne was something you spray once and forget about it the rest of the day. I then became a person who saw fragrance as one of the main parts of his life outside of school and work. Now I think I'm somewhere in between.

I don't think I'm ever going to forget the impact the fragrance journey can have on a person, but at the same time, I'm beginning to relate more with my former self (the average joe). I originally thought, for new years, I should think hard about what fragrance I'm going to wear. It's an important day and wearing a fitting fragrance is key. And I used to relate to many of the questions on here that said "I'm going to ____, what fragrance should I wear". Whether it's taking your grandmother to a wrestling match or going to a wedding, I found the answer to just be "ehhh.... whatever I feel like at the moment". Fragrances are marketed as and can be seen as thematic. You would wear a "dark" scent at night and a "bright" scent at day. Now, I just don't think so rigidly anymore. I don't think there are specific occasion scents at all. Dior Homme Intense isn't a romantic scent. 1 Million isn't a club scent. Acqua Di Gio isn't a party scent. I could wear them anywhere.

Most people's goal on here is to push forward and expand their journey. Nothing wrong with that. My new years resolution (as it pertains to fragrances) is the opposite. I'm going to regress and go back to the roots.

I know lots of people on here own 100+ scents. A lot of Youtubers try out new fragrances every week, some even commenting that they've neglected wearing their own collection because they wanted to review new things. I see that even with the 20 full bottle fragrances I own, half of them rarely get worn (like maybe once every 3 months). The fact that I have like 40 decants contributes to that.

I've tried hundreds of scents already. Plenty. And the more I tried, the more adjusted I became, and scents that would've knocked my socks off 2 years ago are "hmm... this is good" today. I'll probably still do some sampling in 2014 but my main focus is to revisit many of the old scents. Getting wrapped up in niche and all, it's so easy to underappreciate lots of good (though popular) designers like CK One and such. I used to view designer scents with admiration. Trying niche had certainly took some of the shine off them, but now I want to rewind the tape and go back in that direction. Not to invalidate all that I've done, but rather to add more grounding to what I've done.

So, my fragrance-related new years resolution. Instead of being focused on looking for more and more. I'm going to learn to appreciate what I have.

- Serene


  1. lpp's Avatar
    Looking forward to reading more!
  2. TLS's Avatar
    Let's see how this works out for you!

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