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is a Fake By Man by D&G worth it?

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I was walking around in Downtown L.A and by accident I saw a bottle of By Man by d&g , I thought was legit but it wasnt the caps inside was black so it was fake . I asked for the price the lady said 80.00 bucks because is discontinued I said yes indeed but that one is fake she said was legit but we know all aready that is fake. Get a legit by man is hard to get and expensive ,very expensive on ebay,so is worth it buy a fake By Man for 80 bucks?


  1. lunamystic's Avatar
    Fake your own, buy D & G the One, and D & G the One Gentlemen and spray them on together. TADA! you have something very close to By.
  2. rbaker's Avatar
    No tester?


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