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my Favorite perfumes 2013..(Even if Not released in 2013).What are yours?

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My Favorite perfumes 2013. Even though some are older releases these are my favorites
1.Shalimar ode a la Vanille
2. Amouge: Lyric Woman
3.Shalimar (original)
4.Guerlain Songe d'un bois d'ete
5. Amouage: Memoir Woman
6.Amouage: Dia Man
7. Amouage: Epic Woman
8. Amouage: Gold Woman
9. Amouage: Silk Roads & also Automn LeaesHome Spray (Yes homespray but enjoy the scent.
10.Tom Ford: Café Rose
11.Majda bekkali: Mon Nom Est Rouge
12. Guerlain; Habit Rouge
13. Bramble: Key
14.Guerlain: Oriental Brulant
15.Guerlain: Spiritous Double Vanille


  1. Kingmelo's Avatar
    Hi I have most of the amouage edp's and many other hi-end perfumes in multiple numbers , from roja dove to Tom ford , anyone feel free to email me for full list of stock 50% off thanks


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