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Yacht Man fragrances

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To date, I have purchased 4 of these and have loved 3 of them unreservedly. The Yacht Man scents are often maligned on basenotes and the contempt seems to begin because of the extremely low prices of these scents ($6-$7 per bottle). Other fragrances in that price range are usually not even worth that amount. Many complaints are made about the poor longevity and projection, and these are valid; Yacht Man scents dissolve down to skin level in 15-30 minutes and disappear altogether by an hour. To combat this, I apply the fragrance to both skin and shirt, which extends the life to 3-5 hours.
Overall, the Yacht Man scents are very well blended and seem to possess a provocative, almost impish personality.

Yacht Man Blue smells like the freshest of fresh breezes coming off the ocean blowing across crisp, clean linen. It is very unique in the way it mixes common aquatic notes-lemon, green apple (delightful, sweet), melon, freesia, carnation) with light undertones of powder, almond, salt, and vanilla. It is completely unlike any other aquatic I have tried and is utterly pleasing. I will always keep this in my collection, and I don't feel this way about mant fragrances.

Yacht Man Red notes are cardamon, grapefruit, pepper, carnation,sandalwood, and musk. It is based around wood and fruit and together these produce a sweetness and spiciness that are enjoyable. When I spray it on, I get an immediate sense memory of candy apple in my head. It feels sophisticated, yet young. Comparisons have been made to Dunhill Desire Red, which I haven't experienced and cannot comment on, and to Joop Homme. I do smell a similarity in the note construction with Joop, but Joop has always smelled synthetic in the worst way to me, and Yacht Man Red has a craft in the notes mixing together. Complaints of the longevity and projection are similar to those of Yacht Man Blue, and are accurate.

Yacht Man Chocolate includes cinnamon, rose, iris, vetiver, dark chocolate, cloves, cacao, musk, and nutmeg. The blend of these is intoxicating and the longevity and projection of the scent are considerably better here. The chocolate tones stay underneath the lovely floral top of this scent. This is classical music; a brooding Grieg's Erotic on a quiet evening.

Yacht Man Breeze is incorrectly named; it is in no way breezy; it is green and green all the way through, top to bottom. It smells of hay and various dried grasses. If that's your thing, you will like it. If not, steer far clear of it.

In the future, I plan on purchasing the rest; Metal, Black, Energy, and Dense. I felt compelled to go ahead and post about these now because I am afraid some people are mssing the boat regarding some underrated fragrances who have been assigned an undeserved bad reputation.
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  1. SpanishFly's Avatar
    I have YM Red and I have to douse myself in it
    to get any longevity. Smells great though and it is very cheap.
  2. parfyme's Avatar
    Nice post

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  3. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    I've considered checking these out - you have pushed me over the edge!!!
  4. Katana's Avatar
    I have smelled them all except the Breeze and Dense. I like Blue the best and have not just one but also a back up bottle of it and when the original bottle is gone, and it's over 2/3 gone, I'll locate another - it's perfect for flights I use it in the summer sometimes for class too (I teach martial arts) It doesn't last long this is true, but, sometimes that's ok and you can always reapply even if you need to put it in a little atomizer. I may pick up the Chocolate as well and the Dense if i see it. I have NO problem wearing inexpensive things if they smell nice and sometimes a couple of hours of just "nice" is all you want or need.


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