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Yacht Man Black

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Updating my Yacht Man reviews, Black is up next.
This wins the all-time award for the shortest duration and lowest projction of anything I have ever dealt with. I'm not exaggerating when I say that it begins disappearing between the bottle and your skin. In order to achieve any type of lasting scent, I had to apply 4x the amount of a regular fragrance. Even then, the best duration I could accomplish was around 20-30 minutes.
The scent itself is very pleasant; a soft mix of lily, iris, thyme, basil, and dashes of pepper and tobacco underneath to keep the sweetness in check. If there was even the slightest longevity, I would say it is a quality fragrance. There is credit to a spicy floral fragrance that attempts to be understated, but this is virtually invisible. I admit I wear this when I am lounging around the house because it is an unusual soft-spice, but I can't recommend it as a purchase.

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