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SOTD Monday, 24 March 2014

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Kumquat's garden
Rosae Mundi, EDP

The memory of a garden, long ago,
many summers now, the dolls on the porch
and some strawberry jam.
Raspberries. Were there raspberries, too?
Fat and glossy; warming in the sun.

We played in the sprinklers
while the robins danced.
White-hot rays glazed the
bobbing blossoms on the pink tea roses.
I can taste it now; the cedar and spices.
Now there's a sappy, golden aura.
Tangy citrus and grass;
a prairie filled with wild-flowers.
Roses glowing bright.

Notes- patchouli, Vetiver, rose, cedar

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  1. kumquat's Avatar
    Thank-you, BetsyMezaros, I'm so happy you enjoyed it!


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