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Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3: 03/20/08

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So, I've acquired a handful of fragrances since the last time I posted. I'm currently freelancing in the Union Square area of San Francisco where there's a (very busy and generous) Sephora. So, since then I've acquired the following samples.

Narciso Rodriguez For Men
Tom Ford For Men (I wonder where they've been hiding this the whole time!)
Givenchy Blue Label
Marc Jacobs for Men
Sean Jean Multi-Platinum (it was hiding in a corner)
212 For Men (battle of the aquatics?)

On top of that, the Macy's in that area has Bvlgari Aqva Marine and Ed Hardy for Men. Anyway, I would like to point out that the longevity (and I suppose the SILLAGE too) is pretty amazing with Bvlgari Aqva. First, it withstood a shower with just a single spray to my inner elbow (I was just sniffing it to recapture my love for this one). I woke up this morning and sprayed on Terre D'Hermes. TdH wore off at about 3-4PM (which isn't bad IMO since I put it on at a quarter till 8 in the morning). I just sniffed my inner elbow and a slight hint of Aqva was still there. WHAT THE HELL!? I don't think I'll ever go back to Acqua Di Gio. LOL. Like I said in one of my previous blog entries, Aqva reminds me of what I liked about AdG. The weather's getting warmer and I can get used to the briny sea smell. I'm sure it's appropriate if I worked closer to the water in the City, but Union Square will do. A light hint of the OG Aqva is very nice though. I don't think I'll douse myself in this ever again like I did before when I got tired of it. Anyway, onto the testing.

Bvlgari Aqva Marine: I sprayed this on my arms at the store during my lunch break. I was also wearing Clinique Happy (which wore off by the time I went to lunch, 5 hours ain't bad). It's a much brighter Aqva. All they did was put the briny sea smell in the background and kicked up the citrus. I really think both of the scents should switch names. The original obviously had more "marine". I like it though. I think I'll at least invest in a mini first since I already have a lot to wear as it is. I suppose I could replace this once my L'Eau Par Kenzo runs out (whenever I get that one in).

Clinique Happy: I love bright citrus scents like Happy and Lacoste Essential, but I don't like sharp ones like M;Men, D&G Masculine, and Versace Eau Fraiche. Clinique Happy is pleasant. It's not great, but it's good. It smells like an Orange Julius. Sorta sweet, the citrus isn't so sharp, and it's very orange-y. My sister likes this one. If she were to wear a perfume, she'd probably wear Clinique Happy. :P

Terre D'Hermes: Ah, I decided to give this one another shot just to see if the first time was a fluke. The last time I wore this, it was during the opening weekend of Cloverfield. That was back in....January? Right? This was great in the colder weather. Now, I was under the impression that it would be good for warmer weather, I wore it today (first day of spring), it was a bit too spicy for warmer weather. I'd say it would be good from fall till spring. However, I'm not going to invest a full bottle on it. It's just not my style. That doesn't mean it's not good though.

Lacoste Essential: I wore it again just because. It's not bad, but I'm still not sold on it yet. The random time release thing is a bit weird. However, it just comes in random hits.

Z Zegna: I think my nose is really starting to be unimpressed at this point. Sure, TdH and Aqva hasn't wowed me as much as I thought. This one was terribly boring. it was just sharp citrus with a bit of aquatic. It's bland. Why bother when you can get another aquatic with more character for the same price?

Lacoste Red (Style in Play): I was hoping this would be a fun scent. I just found it to be a bright mess. It's my body chemistry that causes this juice to just get lost and end up being an average citrus scent. I didn't get the "party" casual vibe I was hoping to get. Also, it wore off after a few hours. Meh. Unfortunately out of the 3 Lacoste fragrances I've tried, Lacoste Pour Homme lasted the longest and I hated that one the most. Good riddance!

Givenchy Very Irresistable Fresh Attitude: That's a really long name for a fragrance. My initial impression the first time was the fact that I only had Le Male as my starting point. A few dozen fragrances tested later, my impression's changed a bit. It's good, but not great. It starts off citrusy, which is exactly how you would imagine any citrus to begin. Bright, not too sharp, wearable. Then it dries down to a sweeter, sorta darker scent. I give it props for being able to change character like that. I haven't tried the original Very Irresistible, but this one would be nicely wearable for the club on warmer nights. I'll look into trying this one a few more times.

So, I suppose that's about a week's worth of sampling. I've only worn my own stuff once, that was TM Cologne on my day off. As much as I'd like to wear my own stuff, I have all this great stuff in my sample vials to test out. On top of that, I'm thinking about getting minis of Aqva Marine, Antidote, and Fahrenheit 32. I'm going to give away my cheaper bottles to my friends, like Energise, Thierry Mugler Cologne (to a good friend of mine who wants something very light), Chill, Rykiel (unless someone wanted to buy it), and Paris Hilton Heir. I've lost at least a $200 on this stuff that I'm not going to get back. I can live with that, although, I could use that $200. Haha. That's my EXPENSIVE way of sampling. Anyway, I think that's all the stuff I wanted to try out. I do have a list of things, but I pretty much covered what I wanted in the past month. The other stuff I want to try are more suitable for colder months like XS Black, Vera Wang, etc. I want to try Kenneth Cole Black and Reaction, but my friends have those anyway.

That's all for now. I'll post more reviews when I try more stuff. I should really start wearing my own stuff though. That big ol' bottle of Dolce & Gabanna PH isn't going to squirt itself.

Edit: I just tested Diddy's latest rip off...I mean fragrance. To my nose after spraying it on my wrist, it's a rip-off of YSL Live Jazz? Just like this song, I find it to be horrible. I even didn't like the YSL as it is.

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