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Get to Know a Basenote(r): deadidol

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So, i figured I would use my blog to increase the kinship of the community. I will be doing interviews with several members of the site! I also find the emotional aspect really interesting, and it makes for great stories. Feel free to suggest improvements, im not and interviewer.... I think the first one went really well, and the responses could not have been better. So with this brief introduction I present....

Getting to Know a Basenote(r): deadidol

Did you want to be a mod?

I had no aspirations to be a mod, and when I was approached, I spent several weeks thinking about it. I knew how hard the mods worked at that time and I knew it would be a commitment, but in the end I was swayed. It was a little strange for me because I hadn't been a member of the site for that long (I was a lurker more than participant), but it seems to have worked out so far, but really I'm a member of the community first and foremost.

Job outside of BN?

I work in the arts, both writing and teaching.

How long have you been into fragrance?

Since I was a teenager. I stepped away from fragrance for a number of years as I simply couldn't find anything that spoke to me. I always preferred oils and the more obscure smelling things than what was sold in stores, and I've always been a fan of incense and burning various resins. It actually wasn't until a couple of years ago that I discovered that there's a whole world of fragrance that exists outside of the mainstream and appeals more to my interests in the arts and aesthetics.

Do your friends and family ask you for advice or they think your odd for being so into the craft?

I'm fairly discreet about it all. I rarely wear my fragrances to the point where others can smell them, so more often than not, it doesn't come up. I've given some suggestions here and there, and have bought a few bottles as gifts, but, to me, it's other art forms in that I don't expect anyone I know to have the passion that I do for it. If they do, that's great—but I've no interest in recruiting.

Favorite Joke of all time?

If I told you, I'd have to give myself an infraction for violating the code of conduct!

First frag you received as a gift?

Good question, and I'm not sure I know the answer. I may have received a bottle of New West at some point as I know it ended up in my collection when I was younger and I certainly didn't buy it.

First frag you bought?

Again, good question. I did buy Fahrenheit not long after it came out and wore it through high school. But I used to wear the old Body Shop oils from about 10-15 years ago as well. Their sandalwood was incredible and I wish I still had access to some. I actually do still have a bottle of their patchouli, which is technically vintage now. It's a really good patchouli.

Last frag bought?

I think it was Mare. That's one of the few scents from Slumberhouse that I genuinely struggled to like. But others from that line proved challenging to me at first as well and I knew I'd regret not picking up a bottle and missing the boat, so I grabbed a bottle of that a few weeks ago. I'm coming around to it, slowly.

Total bottles?

Honestly, I'm not much of a collector. I really don't know how many I have, but it's not that many. Maybe 40 or 50 or so? I'm extraordinarily picky and I don't do blind buys at all, so it can take me months to decide on a scent once I've sampled it. I've had things on my "to buy" for years at this point!

Earliest frag related memory?

Where I grew up, roses were pretty common. One day, I collected some rain water and dumped a bunch of rose petals into it and let it sit for days. I must have been maybe 8 or so at the time? Anyhow, it smelled pretty bad by the time I was done with it, and that probably explains my general dislike of rose scents. But I actually have quite a strong memory for fragrance in general, and I can "log" scents into my mind and store them there. It's both a blessing and a curse‚especially after smelling something bad.

Most striking fragrance memory?

Just a couple of years ago, I read something online about Scent Bar. I'd never heard of the place, but I live in the same town. I hadn't really touched fragrances for some time because I just didn't like what I saw in the stores. But I wandered in and wandered out with samples of CdG's Avignon, ALOF's What We Do In Paris Is Secret, and PG's L'Ombre Fauve. The first sniff of those three blew my mind as I had no idea that there was a world of perfumery in which creativity and art was favored. I bought all three soon after, and that was sort of a turning point for me.

How long have you been into fragrance?

A long time, but as mentioned, it's been off and on. To be frank, there hasn't been that much that's moved me lately, but Montecristo from last year held my attention really well.

Any ponderances or thoughts on fragrance as a whole you'd like to share based on your experiences?

Nothing along the lines of "words of wisdom"—that's just my thing. For me, finding scents that go beyond function and really move me in other ways is important. I know that's not everyone's goal, though. The only other thing I might suggest is to explore the world of raw materials. One of the best ways I've been able to get my head around much of what I'm sniffing is by learning more about how it was made. I have some raw materials that I wear neat—many of them are full-fledged fragrance spectrums on their own. Wearing a simple dilution of jasmine or perhaps a unique chemical such as Irival is really fascinating to me. I wouldn't call it minimalist, but it's definitely a scent.

What scent do you have on right now? Tell the story about how and why you own it, and any fun story related to it.

I'm wearing Bruno Fazzolari's Lampblack. You can read about how I discovered the scent here. I'm really impressed with it so far, and I think it's going to do very well for him.


  1. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    Very enjoyable!
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    Very cool guys, thanks for sharing!
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    This is great, thanks guys!

    l look forward to more.
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    love it!
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    Well done! And nice to get to know Mr deadidol!
  6. pluran's Avatar
    Thanks, I'm not as big on the current state of perfumery, but I appreciate deadildol's ability to write well. You can do it ! Along with a few other reviewers it's just a matter of writing less and saying even more. :-)
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