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Get to Know a Basenote(r): rynegne

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This week is a Basenoter who creates: rynegne. The elaboration here is great. I added a few more questions pertaining to the craft. Enjoy!

Job outside of BN?
Marketing analyst and Webmaster at a medium-sized e-commerce company / Part-time Amateur Perfumer

How long have you been into fragrance?
I've been wearing fragrances since middle school, cheapies back then. So, I'd say about 15 years.

Do your friends and family ask you for advice or they think your odd for being so into the craft?
My girlfriend loves trying my creations, I keep to myself about it really aside from sharing with her.

Favorite Joke of all time?
Pete and repeat were on a boat...Pete fell off, who was left? (The others are probably not too safe for Basenotes!)


First frag you received as a gift?
AdG - I asked my parents for it back in high school, I received it for Christmas.

First frag you bought?
I think it was Hugo Boss Bottled.

Last frag bought?
Bruno Fazzolari Lampblack

Total bottles?
Maybe 30-40 full bottles now...more decants than before.

Earliest frag related memory?
Wearing my Dad's aftershave PS Paul Sebastian, so I could be like him.

Most striking fragrance memory?
Creating something for the very first time myself that I could wear.

Any ponderances or thoughts on fragrance as a whole you'd like to share based on your experiences?
Wearing fragrances is what you want it to be. I like thought evoking fragrances like Slumberhouse Rume for example. But, I enjoy smelling "good" from time to time and I have no problems wearing Dior Homme Sport or something like that during those times. As with most things, just be yourself!

What scent do you have on right now? Tell the story about how and why you own it, and any fun story related to it.
Haha, oh boy. The name is really not my favorite, but I love the house. I'm currently wearing House of Matriarch SexMagic. Anyone that's tried my first couple fragrances knows how much I like smokey scents. This one has just the right about of smokey goodness coupled with woods galore and some waxy/resinous choya loban. Not as expensive as my recent favorite (HoM Blackbird) but a decent substitute.


When did you start making frags?
It's been about 2 and a half years now.

How long did it take you to make one you were finally proud of showing?
It took me a while to be honest. My first few "scents" weren't even good enough to be bathroom sprays. I had a tough time finding solid information on the internet...But people like Chris Bartlett and Paul from PK Perfumes were a huge help on the basenotes threads. Vesrim took a long time to create (about 6 months), it's the first one that I've really been proud of and decided to start selling. So, all-in-all it took about 2 years to create something I felt was suitable for others to enjoy.

Where did the inspiration arise?
Initially it was basenoters...myself included saying "I really like this fragrance, but it's missing something." I'm not saying that I use other fragrances to inspire all of my creations, but that's what got me started. Now, I'm more inspired by creating new note profiles and combining notes that aren't used in conjunction often in mainstream and niche perfumery.

My first few fragrances were super smokey as they were to my own liking, so I've dialed that back a bit and started to find a healthy area in which my fragrances are unique but enjoyed by not only myself, but others as well...there's a fine line I'm walking of course as I'm trying to create very unique scents. Obviously, hearing how much people like your creations is ALWAYS a huge inspiration as well.

What purpose do you have behind your frags? (As in “I just like doing it” “I think my fragrances are hitting something that is missing out there” “ I am improving ideas that are already out there.”)

Creating new and unique scents that push the envelope a bit while using very fine materials has always been my main goal. I'm learning a lot from my own experiences and gathering feedback from others in the process has been super helpful. I try to reflect that in my creations.

Also...the new thing I'm on is creating a reference scent for a single note. The fragrance is supported by other notes, but I want to push that particular note far forward. More to come on that soon.

Really though, the purpose depends on the fragrance for the most part and my vision (not to sound too far out.)
But, something like Engin is extremely weird and I wanted that...that's what I had in my mind, an evocative resin and aldehyde combo. My full intentions were for Engin to be more chemical in nature. It was my first real dive into using aroma chemicals. Engin is strong and shifts gears completely from smokey resins and aldehydes (chems) to a beautiful creamy-woody-resin. It's a really weird scent, but I enjoy wearing it more than any other scent I've created.

Anything additional words or inspirations for those who may want to create?
Start with cheaper materials and work your way up to using more expensive stuff. You will mess up a lot, but you'll learn more in the process (it will cost money to do so.) Oh, and always use Everclear or Perfumer's Alcohol as a solvent. Initially, I read every different thing...mix with vodka...water...coconut oil etc. Nope, just straight grain alcohol and oils works best!


  1. teardrop's Avatar
    Nicely done guys, thanks!
  2. SgtShadow's Avatar
    these blogs are very interesting and fun jarrod. keep them coming!
  3. deadidol's Avatar
    Absolutely! This was a fantastic idea and I look forward to seeing who's next!


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