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Get to Know a Basenote(r): Grant Osborne

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This week, the Man himself, Grant Osborne. The founder of Basenotes

Job outside of BN?
My job outside of Basenotes is being a dad (Iím a single parent to my two children for half of the week)

Moment you decided to start the site?
There used the be a site called The Cologne Guy that had seemingly shut down a few years before. I was just getting into fragrance Ė as I had a job selling the stuff in a UK department store Ė and thought I could create something similar. I also wanted to be a web designer, and thought the site could be a portfolio site. (Never did become a web designer!)

How long did it take to get something usable up?
I started planning the site in late 1999, but nothing was online until August 2000 Ė it took so long, as I was just doing it as a hobby in-between real jobs and a social life.

Did you ever think it would get this big?

No, I didnít actually think there were people out there, that really liked fragrance to the extent that they do!

How long have you been into fragrance?
Since 1998 when I got my job selling it!

Do your friends and family ask you for advice or they think your odd for being so into the craft?
Most of the friends I have now happen to also be in the industry, and they all know more than me. My family ask me for advice every now and again.

Favorite Joke of all time?

I have a soft spot for:

A Horse walks into a bar.
The barman says ĎWhy the long face?'

First frag you received as a gift?

Paco Rabanne pour Homme

First frag you bought?
I think it was Ted Baker Skinwear

Last frag bought?
The last I bought (for myself) was probably a replacement bottle of Body Kouros

Total bottles?
a few hundred. Not entirely sure, itís quite fluid.

Earliest frag related memory?
A relative gave me some after shave - when I was about 9 or 10. It was one of his half-used bottles. Iíve no idea what it was called. I used to keep it in my sock draw and put some on every now and again to feel grown-up.

Most striking fragrance memory?
Nothing comes to mind.

Any ponderances or thoughts on fragrance as a whole you'd like to share based on your experiences?
1) Donít worry about what is in it, what the bottle looks like, or who it is marketed to. If you like it wear it.

2) Donít get to caught up in discontinuations or reformulations. If itís gone itís gone. Thereís plenty else out there.

What scent do you have on right now? Tell the story about how and why you own it, and any fun story related to it.
I'm wearing Donna Karanís Fuel for Men.

I remember reading the reviews of this when the site first started. Everyone seemed to love it, yet at the time it was discontinued. Even though it was relaunched a few years ago, I never did get round to trying it.

At Christmas at the perfume group that Lila Das Gupta runs ( )we had a perfume swap, and everyone brought it something they didnít want. All our names were put in a hat. We then had the chance to go around sniffing, I tried this one and decided I liked it. When my name was picked out of the hat I made a bee-line for it!


  1. teardrop's Avatar
    Thanks, jarrod & Grant! Really enjoying this series of posts, keep it up!
  2. Aromahead's Avatar
    Kudos Jarrod!
    "We never know how far reaching something we may think, say or do today will
    affect the lives of millions tomorrow." – B.J. Palmer

    Thanks for such an inspiring story!


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