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Get to Know a Basenote(r): jarroditshallbe

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Hey again. I am going to interview me. I am doing this for future interviews, so I can show a few different lines of thought to answer questions, and free up how much they can articulate. Again, thanks for reading, and let me know any improvements you may think of!

Why do these Interviews?
So many of these questions are asked constantly in the forums. Since the “search tool” is clearly always broken, this may be a way to quick reference some of the FAQ’s.
I also tried to avoid questions with answers that may change a lot. Sure a new Striking Memory can be added, but it is much more are an occurrence than asking “What is your top 5” or “Desert Island,” That can change every other day.
It is more fun to learn why someone is doing something, i.e wearing a cologne, instead of just what are they doing. The deeper you go, the more interesting it is.

Job outside of BN?
I am fragrance specialist at a department store.

How long have you been into fragrance?
Since roughly 2003. I started purchases bottles at the rate I do now, instead of just a passing bottle here and there.

Do your friends and family ask you for advice or they think your odd for being so into the craft?
At first, yes. Where I live, there isn’t much of a demand for fragrances. After friends saw that I took it seriously and there was actually a craft and thought behind it, they now come to me for advice.

Favorite Joke of all time?
Most of them are extremely long, so… Out of your league flirting is called harassment.
Or if you want one against us Frag Fans “Is it chance that cologne rhymes with alone?” Demitri Martin.
I want to hear some jokes. Basenotes can handle them.
First frag you received as a gift?

It was a travel 1 0z bottle of Candies for me. I wore it constantly and to the beach. I think it was from my mom when I was maybe 15 or 16.

First frag you bought?
Chrome. Bought it at a Dillard’s. I just remember it being so clean, and was the first time I learned they weren’t all super cheap. Everyone was wearing Axe because it just came out.
Even long into collecting, I kept that bottle just for the nostalgia. It was hard to get rid of it, but if I ever change my mind or do some weird “History of Jarrod’s Cologne Problem,’ It is not that hard to find.

Last frag bought?
I just got a small bottle of Engin from Rynegne. It’s good stuff, wears forever. I suggest looking into his line.

Total bottles?
I have roughly 40 I rotate, though I have about 150 total. What I wear is in my wardrobe on this site, what I have aside from those are in my trade list in the forums.

Earliest frag related memory?
I can only guess at this. I think I was maybe 14 or 15, before my bottle of Candies. I went to my dad’s house and he had a bottle of Joop!. He didn’t really care for it, and I was inexperienced. He said I could have it, since I had a school dance coming up. I sprayed it, to say the least, GENEROUSLY. So much that it burned my eyes. That night at the dance, my date said it smelled really good. To this day, I think she may have just been being polite.
I still have some disassociated memories for things earlier than that. Every now and then I smell a perfume that may remind me of my mom when I was a child, but I can’t put a time on it to expand on the thought.

Most striking fragrance memory?
I will do several memories for different reasons.
On a trip one time, a girl wore Love Spell by Victoria Secret. Though not expensive or even designer, at the time it intoxicated me. For a long time when I smelled it I only thought of my crush on her. I don’t even know if it is around anymore.
My first real girlfriend also had a strong effect on me. She shaped my taste in women’s fragrance as it is, roughly, today. She wore men’s Polo Blue. I found out later it was her Ex Boyfriends, which would ultimately be a sign that I should have paid attention to (Lol.) But it was heavy and still feminine on her. It is more significant now, in that in her wearing the Men’s fragrance early on eliminated the thought of fragrances being gendered in my mind. If it smells good, wear it.

Any ponderances or thoughts on fragrance as a whole you'd like to share based on your experiences?
Don’t rush to buy things. There are so many out there it is ridiculous to just buy something on a whim. You may have a hard time buying your one you want forever, but take your time with all of them. And I don’t know about you, but I can’t blow 100-200 bucks on something that is”ok.”
What scent do you have on right now? Tell the story about how and why you own it, and any fun story related to it.
Viktor & Rolf Antidote. A work friend bought this for me blind. It ended up and still is in my top 3 fragrances I own. So bring it back in a parfum V&R! I’ve hoarded about 300 mL of it right now. It reminds me of what a ghost might smell like.
At Panama City one time, I was spraying it the bathroom. A girl in my room came in and said it was amazing, and she sprayed it all over herself. It made me feel great, knowing you can make a persons attitude change by pressing a finger on a sprayer. Not many things out there that can do that.


  1. moleo's Avatar
    I have a question and I'm really not trying to be rude here, but why did you think this was a good idea? I'm genuinely fascinated to know. Why do you consider yourself so interesting and knowledgeable that you "interviewed" yourself?

    You claim that this is to "answer questions", but let's get real, you mostly just post personal opinions and little anecdotes. What questions are you answering? What useful information do you think this provides to people who are using the broken search function, as you suggest in the beginning of this post?
  2. jarroditshallbe's Avatar
    I never stated I was answering questions. I said I was aiming to provide perhaps a different way for the interviewed to think about the questions and answer them differently.

    Why are any of these people so interesting and knowledgeable to be questioned? It is because we are people. We all have a hobby in common, so why not interview them? Me personally? I am certainly no expert. I do have many years in the industry and am a Certified Fragrance Sales Specialist. There are currently 16,000 who hold that title. That isn't by any means anything amazing, but I have studied on the subject more than many. If there is something in this blog that bothers you, don't read it. The title says what it is, and is thus easy to avoid.

    My comment about the search function is a sarcastic comment. The tool isn't broken, obviously. As a super member yourself, you should be able to recognize that many of the questions in the forum are literally hundreds of repeats asking the same thing. The people interviewed now have answered those questions here, and can be found without having to repeat themselves.

    Everyone likes to feel spotlighted, and doing these interviews to anyone, or to myself, is fun. Overall, both in comments and messages, this blog has received overwhelmingly positive support, including from the Grant.

    If you really "aren't trying to be rude here," consider your phrasing in future posts, or just message me. Thank you for your input, Moleo.
    Updated 11th June 2014 at 09:02 PM by jarroditshallbe
  3. lpp's Avatar
    I think that these posts are an interesting use of the Blog section and hope to read more in future - keep up the good work, jarroditshallbe
  4. moleo's Avatar
    Oh...I completely misread the first section ("because so many of these questions are asked"... etc.).

    Maybe this is just me, but I find the whole notion of interviewing yourself so egotistical that it usually makes me angry that adults in society say things like that. I can see now that I misread your intention with this blog post and I apologize.
  5. lpp's Avatar
  6. jarroditshallbe's Avatar
    Cool. Glad we cleared it up!


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