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Get to Know a Basenote(r): Ipp

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And today, we have another great mod interview, as well as our first female! Get ready.. for Ipp!


Retired, caring for a parent, a bunch of rescue dogs and an increasingly wayward garden. Also seek out unusual stones to make necklaces & things from in quiet times.
Have reached a wonderful stage in life where my daughter has grown up safely and is a lovely, happy person.

Did you want to be a mod?
.Being fairly housebound, it seemed like a good way to support the site, which is such a tremendous free resource.
We're just members like everyone else - although we do have access to a 'delete spam' button

Job outside of BN?

Do your friends and family ask you for advice or they think your odd for being so into the craft?
People who know of my 'fragrance addiction' do seem to complain that their replacement bottles of old favourites are a bit different these days and some interesting discussions often follow!
Family members sometimes think it's a bit odd - until they find one that they love...

Favorite Joke of all time?

Will try anything once (probably).

First frag you received as a gift?
Chanel no.5.

First frag you bought?

Last frag bought?
O'Driu Lalfeo Oro, hand-made by a fascinating and talented man.

Total bottles?
Around 100, including a few back-ups and a *small* stash of old Homage...

Earliest frag related memory?
My grandfather's climbing roses, deep velvet red, impossibly large, sumptuously scented, hanging from a long, rustic arbour type thing.

Most striking fragrance memory?
A certain floral disinfectant holds truly horrific memories.

Recently, my first Slumberhouse (Jeke) was an introduction to a new way of experiencing fragrance and, in itself, evocative of many memories.
How long have you been into fragrance?
Since my teens (or possibly before if you count trying to make it from various petals when small...).

Any ponderances or thoughts on fragrance as a whole you'd like to share based on your experiences?

For me, it's great that it's now perfectly possible to find scents made by independent people worldwide, which has significantly expanded my horizons.

Many of those supremely good quality scents now sought by vintage buffs were just normal purchases in my youth and I wonder how many young people will now really become passionate about fragrances long term unless they happen to chance upon the more unusual stuff.
Browsing the average mainstream store is hardly inspiring - loads to buy but little to truly fall in love with imo.

What scent do you have on right now? Tell the story about how and why you own it, and any fun story related to it
Vintage Etro Shaal Nur - just a lovely, inexpensive, slightly retro Ebay purchase.
It's a bit warm here & it's very refreshing

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  1. lpp's Avatar
    Haha, jarroditshallbe - did you censor my vintish Etro Shaal Nur?
  2. jarroditshallbe's Avatar
    Lol! It was an awful comment!
    Ill fix it
  3. lpp's Avatar
    Thank you
  4. rowan-'s Avatar
    Nice interview - thank you!

    P.S.: I do believe it's 'lpp' with a lowercase 'L'


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