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Fragrance Review: Amouage Fate Woman

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Amouage Fate Woman:

Genre: Oriental

The bergamot, labdanum, and oakmoss in the published pyramid are key components of the chypre accord, but anyone expecting a chypre fragrance is in for a rude surprise with Fate Woman. This is a massive, uncompromising spicy oriental fragrance in direct line of descent from 1980s blockbusters like Opium, Cinnabar, and Coco. That said, a prominent capsicum top note and ample use of frankincense lend Fate Woman a distinctly 21st century profile.

The bergamot and pepper top notes barely have time to register before Fate Woman plunges into its rich, heady central accord of cinnamon, frankincense, and labdanum. A big, liqueur-like rose note offsets the spices and resins, while a carefully judged castoreum note subtly accentuates the animalic facets of the dominant labdanum. The listed oakmoss doesn’t register as a distinct note for me, and the drydown is a vanillic labdanum/benzoin amber affair that’s rescued from overwhelming sweetness by lingering traces of astringent frankincense. For all its anumalic warmth, Fate Woman never feels “dirty” to me. The scent is tremendously potent and tenacious, however, and I’d apply it very carefully for daytime wear. Given its scale and baroque character, I see this as more of a “night-on-the-town” than a “day-at-the-office” fragrance, but it’s one that’s certain to make an impression in any case!

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