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Fragrance Review: By Kilian Flower of Immortality

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Genre: Fruity Floral

A pretty floral top note is quickly overtaken by a tide of canned peaches. I once synthesized the ester used in peach flavorings in an organic chemistry lab, and it smelled a lot like this. Sadly, the peach note is insufficiently supported by any contrasting materials, and the result is both simplistic and incomplete.

After a long, long wait, an anemic cassis and rose accord arrives and does what it can to flesh out the olfactory structure, but it’s too little and too late. This still feels more like an artificial food flavoring or a candle than a fine perfume, and at By Kilian’s prices a composition this rudimentary is unconscionable. Smell Mitsouko (even in reformulation) or Bond No. 9’s Chinatown for a sense of how peach lactone can function in a fully realized perfume.

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