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Fragrance Review: Arquiste L'Etrog

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Genre: Citrus

“Etrog” is Hebrew for citron, a thick-skinned citrus fruit that looks like a big, warty lemon and smells divine. Citron finds outstanding expression in Guerlain’s Eau de Fleurs de Cédrat, which handily captures the lush, almost floral aroma of fresh citron rind. Arquiste’s L’Etrog is considerably less successful to my nose, settling for a generic sweet citrus top note over a foundation of soft woods. L’Etrog grows conspicuously soapy over time, as a clean white musk begins to dominate the drydown. After an hour on skin, all that remains of L’Etrog are some faint woody notes, the white musk, and an odd and not terribly pleasant sour note that I cannot place. I’ll be looking elsewhere for a citron fragrance, thank you.

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