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Fragrance Review: Histoires de Parfums 1725 Casanova

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Genre: Fougère

Citrus and lavender top notes suggest a conventional fougère is in the offing, but in the event, a plush, almondy heliotrope and anise accord wells up in place of the expected coumarin, and 1725 plays out like a batch of Après l’Ondée that stumbled through a lavender patch and came out smelling more assertive and androgynous for the trouble. The heliotrope and anise on a powdery foundation bring to mind Boucheron’s elegant Jaïpur Homme, but 1725 is a leaner, less elaborate scent, and may appeal to those who find the Boucheron's oriental trappings too sweet or spicy.

As 1725 develops, the heliotrope outlasts the anise, and the drydown settles into a very soft, caressing, but not overly sweet, powdery vanillic amber accord. While the olfactory texture is downy and plush throughout, 1725 is more than adequately potent and projects effectively for several hours’ wear. Taken altogether this is a very well-crafted and gratifying fragrance. I recommend it especially to men who admire Après l’Ondée, but feel self-conscious wearing the Guerlain.

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