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The BPAL files

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Whoof. So I've had a huge collection of Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs fragrance oils for a few years now, much of which has been wanting proper testing and reviews (and in some cases getting rid of). Finally I've found a forum in which people might actually care what I have to say about them, so in time I hope to review and comment on some of them here!

So far Operation BPAL has consisted of dredging out the spreadsheets I started to create to record my tasting notes, and giving myself a migraine trying to test too many revisited favourites in too little time. It looks like some of them may not have aged well, as well as my skin chemistry having changed dramatically due to health stuff in the last few years. At least one (Sol Invictus, which was a limited edition release and isn't catalogued on BN at the time of writing) floored me on the first test, but now metamorphoses into overwhelming frankincense within half an hour; sad, but it does mean there are some potential gems in the ones that didn't used to suit me too!

As you'll see if you read my profile I'm not a high-class nose, and many of you will doubtless find my comments on BPAL fragrances somewhere between endearingly hippyish and grating ignorance. In their defence, BPAL were where I first learned about concepts like fragrance notes and the effect of skin chemistry at all, and they introduce a lot of people to the idea of fragrance collections per se. I have to say Basenotes has already broadened my mind, however - after reading this thread I was inspired to reopen my stash and the collective aroma that poured out was, yes, syrup of hippy. I'd never been able to put a name to that before
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  1. lpp's Avatar
    It's great to see this - please do post your thoughts because all of these things just end up forgotten if nobody bothers and it's nice to read about something different
  2. philistine's Avatar
    Don't encourage me, it's shutting me up that's difficult Comment noted though, thanks.
  3. lpp's Avatar
    Haha - should be a good blog


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