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BPAL of the day: Nuclear Winter

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It's been a hot, sweaty, humid week here in East Anglia of which I've spent the majority exhausted and ill, and much as I've been questing for my signature sensual fragrance recently it's the weather to be breaking out something fresher. A few years back I managed to score a bottle of BPAL's eternally popular limited edition fragrance Nuclear Winter, in one of its occasional revivals to satisfy popular demand. Today I've broken it out to freshen my poor addled mind.

Nuclear Winter is a superb example of the less helpful end of BPAL's scent descriptions - most include a list of at least a few of the notes, but this is a photographic perfume advert done in words if ever there was one. "Annihilation. The ice, desolation and barrenness of nuclear devastation shot through by a beam of radioactive mints." What, pray, does barren annihilation smell like..?

Well as it turns out, balsam, apparently. If I'm identifying the note correctly, that is. First on this is an acidic mint that quickly opens up with an astringent, presumably balsam, undertone. It hangs close to my skin despite the powerful mint topnote. Other testers detect a lot of vanilla, possibly juniper too and a “green” note later on, but for me the vanilla is in the background here and this is mainly balsam and mint with a hint of greenish freshness. The vanilla makes its presence felt in the final drydown, where this becomes a faint sweet aura with the slightest hint of balsam - until you splash your arm with water, that is, at which point the mint reappears. A fresh and refeshing skin scent.



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