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Fragrance Review: Diptyque 34 Boulevard St. Germain

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Genre: Oriental

I can’t help but feel that the brief behind this anniversary release is misguided: attempting to capture the olfactory atmosphere inside the Diptyque flagship store almost guarantees a disorganized mish-mash of perfumes and scented candles. Indeed, the disparate elements thrown together here not only fail to cohere into a solid structure; they actually manage to cancel one another out. Reminders of older Diptyque scents flash by in the top notes - some fig sap from Philosykos, a dab of cinnamon and clove from Eau Lente, some zesty green notes from L’Ombre dans l’Eau - but the overall impression is muddled, congested, and ultimately bland.

Once the initial flurry of floral, green, and spice notes settles down, 34 Boulevard St. Germain emerges as a relatively undistinguished and straightforward amber oriental fragrance with a mildly interesting overlay of fig. The fig and sweet amber accord is linear and long-lasting, as I have come to expect from a Diptyque fragrance, but it lacks the character displayed so boldly in this house’s early offerings, much less any sense of the occasion its release was meant to celebrate.

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