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BPAL of the day: Lines Written among the Euganean Hills

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This scent was a Yule 2008 limited edition and gets its inspiration, as well as its redolent moniker, from a poem by Shelley:

Senseless is the breast and cold
Which relenting love would fold;
Bloodless are the veins and chill
Which the pulse of pain did fill;
Every little living nerve
That from bitter words did swerve
Round the tortur'd lips and brow,
Are like sapless leaflets now
Frozen upon December's bough.

Chirpy, isn't it? The notes listed are as follows: Skin musk, white sandalwood, balsam fir, frozen black berries, cedar, winter rose, and white amber.

It goes on in a burst of balsam, with something higher-pitched which is hard to identify. Shortly after the musk and amber begin to warm up, as does the cedar, and round this initially very acerbic scent out. It's definitely not one of BPAL's more feminine blends. I'm not getting the berries at all, mostly the balsam with hints of musk and wood in the early stages. The initial phase has something very detached and aseptic about it - in keeping with the inspiration, I guess - but once the musk and amber warm up properly it's a rather contrary and intriguing combination with the balsam and a subtle hint of the rose. I may go back and retest this since I actually fell asleep not that long in, and woke up to a drydown of of amber and faint woods - looks like longevity on this is only about four hours.



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