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Fragrance Review: Arquiste Anima Dulcis

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Genre: Woody Oriental

They got the “dulcis” right; the “soul” I’m not so sure about.

By all rights, I probably shouldn’t review Anima Dulcis. It’s simply not the kind of fragrance I’m liable to enjoy, even if done well. Nonetheless, I’ve sampled it, and I have some thoughts, so I will assume the dissenter’s position and share my experience.

Anima Dulcis launches on lovely, sweet bergamot top notes, but these give way quickly to a syrupy vanillic amber accord that dominates the proceedings for as long as the fragrance lasts. Of the listed cocoa and capsicum I smell little trace. Indeed, nothing much emerges to cut the king-size helping of vanilla pudding, and I find the whole thing simplistic and cloying – certainly no improvement over a slew of far less costly designer scents that serve up similar tooth decay-inducing fare. If you like this kind of shrill, sweet gourmand fragrance, try Angel – it at least does something clever and original with its olfactory calorie count. If it’s a dense and complex gourmand oriental that you’re after, I’d sample Pierre Guillaume’s Aomassaï before spending money on this. If it’s vanilla you want, try the same perfumer’s clever banana and vanilla Felanilla. Or just wear Shalimar.

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