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Fragrance Review: Maison Francis Kurkdjian Oud Velvet Mood

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Genre: Woods

Both Oud Velvet Mood and its fraternal twin Oud Cashmere Mood emphasize the smoky, medicinal aspects of the oudh accord. Cashmere Mood, with its labdanum and vanilla, is the marginally sweeter and warmer of the two, while Velvet Mood, name notwithstanding, offers a drier and more angular olfactory profile, thanks largely to the bitter edge on its saffron top note. Again like its twin, this scent consists almost entirely of base note materials, so that once the saffron fades the development is essentially linear. If you like it when it goes on, you’ll probably still like it eight hours later. Yes, this scent is tenacious, and while it does not project great distances, it is admirably potent at any reasonable proximity.

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