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Fragrance Review: Amouage Journey Woman

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Genre: Oriental

As with the Interlude and Memoir scents, Journey Woman is the more interesting and original of the Journey pair. Journey Man is a perfectly pleasant, well-made, and ultimately very conservative sort of scent. Journey Woman is an altogether different kind of animal. “Animal” being the operative term. Indeed, Journey Woman’s sweet, intensely animalic top notes are real wake-up call! They announce from the start that this is not necessarily going to be a comfortable fragrance. Journey Man may be all gentleman’s club nostalgia, but Journey Woman looks backward to provocatively animalic classics like Paco Rabanne’s La Nuit and the original Rochas Femme.

Osmanthus is normally a “clean,” even rather soapy floral note, but here it is paired with a profoundly animalic honey-propolis that reveals it in an entirely different perspective. A marvelous olfactory idea! In time the honey and osmanthus are joined by indolic jasmine, smoky leather, and tobacco, and the scent takes on the sultry aura of an oriental nightclub fantasy, straight out of a 1930s movie set. With its smoke and its big dose of fruity tobacco, Journey Woman feels at times like a sweeter, fruitier Fumerie Turque; at others like a throwback to the animalic chypres of a bygone era. It is at once beautiful and decadent, sweet, yet never foody or “edible.” All and all, an intriguing fragrance, and a worthy extension of the Amouage range.

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