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Oh Lawd! The Aquatic Bug Has Bitten Me!

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I'd like to dedicate this post to my love for aquatics. My first cologne, as you've read here, Acqua Di Gio. Then my 3rd full bottle of cologne came in the form of Bvlgari Aqva, which I think is Acqua Di Gio for grown ups at 60% the price. I don't know why I abandoned this scent since February and even went as far as putting it up for sale. I'm glad I retracted this decision. I think I wore way too much of this the last time and I got sick of it. I was so hell bent on getting good sillage that I almost caused myself to get tired of this scent by drowning myself in it.

Last week, I went to try out the Aqva Marine at Macy's, I'm convince I should keep my bottle. I've tried Blue Label, but it was more citrus than anything. L'eau D'Issey was too floral and sharp in citrus...and too girly. So, tonight, I went back to an old friend, the original Aqva. Now show me a better designer cologne that embodies the essence of the word "aquatic". This is the best bang for the buck and the most refined in it's class. I think the original "Aqva" and "Aqva Marine" should trade names. However, Aqva would have probably failed if the current Aqva Marine came out first. To me, the new one smells like Lacoste Style in Play or Clinique Happy mixed with Aqva. It's not BAD, but it's not, "Wow".

Speaking of aquatics, the original Kenzo's great. My friend has that one. I'd say this is the closest to Aqva's definition of "aquatic". When he wore it one time when we were hanging out in downtown Berkeley to watch a friend (who's a DJ) spin at Blake's, I missed wearing Bvlgari Aqva. While we're still on the topic of Kenzo, before I go off tangent again and never return to the actual topic, let's discuss L'eau Par Kenzo. Aqva and L'eau Par in comparison, is like night and day. I got a used bottle of this from another member because I liked it a lot the first couple times I wore it from a sample months ago. At first, it wore off pretty quickly, so that annoyed me. Then I decided to use techniques to extend it's life on my skin (apply lotion) upon finding out that I do have dry winter skin, so I got an extra couple hours of application. I got a couple extra hours to get to familiarize myself with how it smells and enjoy it.

L'eau Par Kenzo is still watery fresh, but it has a nice smooth and bright citrus bite with a hint of sweetness. It's probably a sin to cover up aquatic notes with citrus and fruit, but in this case, for me, it makes sense here. It's not offending. It's not too strong, but strong enough for me to get a whiff of it on and off for 4-5 hours. It's not the most original idea behind a scent, but "I" think it's a successful product and executed very well. It makes me feel good to wear this. It's pleasant. I'd like to currently assign this one as my "signature scent". I don't know anyone else rockin' a bottle of this on a regular basis. Sure, I have about 3/4's of an ounce left of this, but I think I'll commit to a full bottle once this runs out. Now, if I could squeeze an extra 1-2 hours out of this fragrance, I'd say it's perfect for what I'm looking for at the moment. For now, all I'm asking for is something clean, fresh, not very bitter, not terribly sweet (I'm looking at you Le Male and Fahrenheit 32) and uplifting. L'eau Par Kenzo is my steez right now. Peep game. Once I run out of my samples, I'll wear L'eau Par Kenzo like my favorite pair of Air Jordan 14's.

Oh, there's 212, my current fling. I love it's clean, fresh opening, and it pretty much sticks that way for a while, then a masculine basenote kicks in that isn't overwhelming. However, the one thing I'm terribly afraid of, is smelling like incense. I was eating curry the day I wore 212 for the first time (from a sample). My sister walked through the door saying "OH MY GOD, it smells like incense!" I just REALLY hope it was my heaping bowl of S&B beef curry that I made the day before and not the 212. I was so self conscious that I chased her back upstairs to ask if it was me or the bowl of curry. She sniffs my wrist, "Okay, it smells better on you." Let's just hope when my swapped bottle of 212 arrives, it won't be an aquatic version of Hugo Energise (which my sister also smelled incense and gave me the "ew" reaction). I'm crossin' my fingers, this is a pretty biggg bottle.

Worst comes to worst, I sell it on eBay and continue wearing L'eau Par Kenzo and Bvlgari Aqva, which I definitely won't object to that idea. Also gives me an excuse to buy a new bottle to replace it or at least .....just keep wearing what I already have and appreciate the little collection I own. I'm okay with having L'eau Par Kenzo and Bvlgari Aqva as my only full bottles. Now I'm starting to get into citrus. I don't like ones that are way too mellow or way too sharp. Currently, Clinique Happy and quite possibly Lacoste Red (Style in Play) and Essential might fit the bill as my ideal midpoint. Don't get me started on that one. There may be a lot of aquatics, but citrus has been around wayyyy longer and there's just way too much to try out. Clinique Happy is my current favorite of that bunch, but that's not saying too much since I thought it was alright, but it definitely has it's merits.

I just know right now, after experience many scents and testing about 60 scents since December, yes, I have a lot of free time. I've figured out what I like. I like not so strong scents, but not way too light. I like fresh, citrus, and yes, the cursed "ozonic" and "aquatic" bandwagon as my everyday scent. So sue me, wait, no, don't, I'm poor. However, I'm okay with John Varvatos (which I frickin' love) and Bvlgari Black, well, okay, those two aren't too much of a stretch from each other, but they're totally different than my everyday stuff. I'd classify those as "grown n' sexy" scents. I also found out that on certain days and different temperatures, vanilla will turn into a very, VERY strange scent on me. I just know that Le Male and Iceberg Twice weren't too kind after I took an afternoon nap or had a night's worth of sleep where I was really warm. Let's just say, first thing I said when I woke up those two times when vanilla has turned ugly on me, "What the f*ck is that smell?" There you have it. Vanilla sucks.

Updated 28th March 2008 at 08:03 PM by Hollandaze (It's bad to blog while half asleep.)



  1. Amit's Avatar
    You should try Aigner Black Icedrops... it contains a hint of black musk AND an amplified grapefruit note .. you can call it the evil twin of AdG and the other aquatics.


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