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Fragrance Review: Amouage Interlude Man

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Genre: Woody Oriental

I’m afraid I have to break with the pack on this one. Frankincense, opopanax, an oudh reconstruction that smells of burnt hair, and a whole lot of patchouli add up to a very loud, crude composition, which I really don’t enjoy. This fragrance seems to have too much going on, all at once, and all at stentorian volume. The frankincense and patchouli fight one another like two mismatched paint colors, the opopanax is a bit too powdery and sweet, and the oudh just feels like superfluous decoration in a composition that’s already too baroque and monumental by half. Perhaps most damaging of all is a piercing reconstructed sandalwood base note that creaks like a rusty hinge, and which has no business smelling so cheap in a fragrance that costs roughly $150 US per ounce. To my nose, this is simply one of the weakest offerings Amouage has released in years. I’d much rather wear the vastly superior Interlude Woman.

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