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Fragrance Review: Amouage Interlude Woman

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Genre: Floral Oriental

Interlude Man strikes me as a cacophonous nightmare of a fragrance, but I’m happy to report that Interlude Woman is a much more successful and congenial composition. No shrieking horror of pseudo-sandalwood here, and no thunderous head shop patchouli. Instead, we get a novel, yet understated accord of nutmeats, frankincense, and white floral notes over a delicate opopanax, vanillic amber, and tonka foundation. Whereas the oudh reconstruction in Interlude Man is parsley on a pig, here, in much quieter guise, it serves to offset the sweetness of the amber and opopanax. The overall effect is elegant, refined, and serene – everything that its masculine counterpart is not. Take this scent, tone down the rose, put a little more leather in the foundation, add a touch more frankincense, and Amouage would have its ideal Interlude Man. As things stand, I’d much sooner wear this!

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