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A Visit to The Vinyl Factory Lush Volume Three

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Lush. Creators of perfume that manages to walk the rare path of interesting, well made and wonderfully easy to get your mitts on.

As you may already know (skip to the end), Lush has classified it's perfume output by borrowing terminology from the music industry. Greatest Hit's includes Breath of God, as sanctified by Luca Turin and Tina Sanchez; Volume One was the early output; Volume Two was largely inspired by the British Countryside and B-Sides and Rarities used to contain some of my favourites, (although it's recently been striped of my personal hits pop pickers, but that's a whole different post).

Volume Three is Death and Rebirth. Inspired by the grieving process and the sense of renewal that follows. Launched with a highly personal exhibition at the vinyl factory, where scents were framed by, among other things; recreations of father's gardens, swedish fairy tales and meditations on the roots of mushrooms: it was all extremely absorbing and I came away with a happily heavy bag.

So, here's a quick look at what I came away with from V.3, starting with my favourite:

Smuggler's Soul. Sourced with sustainable Mysore sandalwood(!); the trials of which are explained in a new graphic novel. I've loved wearing this so far. It's got a surprisingly refreshing citrusy top note, and a gorgeous middle that only really good materials can give. I wore to a party the night I bought it and it was a massive hit with the female guests. Someone mentioned Chanel. It's not like Chanel, there's no orris or anything and the swarthy moustachioed man on the bottle doesn't scream femininity, but that's the magic of perfume right?

Kerbside Violet. It's a good, clean, well balanced Violet. All the Ionones lined up just right to my taste.

All Good Things. It's notes are listed as black pepper, candy-floss and smokey, boozy atmosphere. If that reads like a puzzle; it is. I'm getting the pepper; but the rest I can't work out. A proper review needs a greater gumshoe.

Death and Decay. I have no idea if I'll wear this anywhere. It's the equivalent of an olfactory pun. It's the smell of Lilies on the turn. It's an indolic lovely and a bottled wake.

There's also Stayin' Alive, Three Sisters, Cynanide, Dead Meadow, Princess Cotton Grass, The President's Hat and a relaunch of Dear John.

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  1. teardrop's Avatar
    Thanks for this! l look forward to reading more about these, as l already have a few Lush favourites in my wardrobe. lt's always interesting to see what they'll come up with next.


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