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Le Temps D'Une Fête, high summer

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Oh, the joy of suddenly finding the animal in Le Temps d'Une Fête lurking in the crook of your elbow! I have skin that tames wild beasts, which is a shame sometimes - I like a judicious dose of smut with my pleasure - but this one blooms in the heat, it seems. I've been enjoying delicious little whiffs of it all day, first the galbanum, then, for hours, that carnal narcissus, and now all of a sudden there's a barnyard that would put Dzing! to shame among the narcissi - hay, animals, jonquils and dung. Horse dung, quite fresh. It is glorious. I have liked, enjoyed, appreciated, almost loved Le Temps d'Une Fête since I got my bottle, but not quite felt like I reached to the bottom of it. Now I do love it.

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