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for the love of KNIZE

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by , 9th July 2010 at 03:01 PM (1340 Views)
my KNIZE collection:

FULL 125ML Bottles
[B]Knize Ten[/B]
[B]Knize Ten Golden Edition[/B]
[B]Knize Ten[/B]
[B]Knize Sec[/B]
[B]Knize Two[/B]
[B]Knize Forest[/B]

Lady Knize (50ml)
Glencheck (obscure fragrance made by Knize...2ml bottle)
Knize Ten deodorant spray
Knize Ten Eau De Cologne (weaker version)

just ordered a backup bottle of GOLDEN EDITION, which in my opinion is [B]THE[/B] ultimate version of KNIZE TEN.

I still can't get enough of Knize fragrances. I don't even really care about other fragrances anymore.....i have enough variety in these different scents to last me a lifetime....

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  1. Dutchy's Avatar
    I wholeheartedly agree i just ordered a 5ml bottle of Glencheck and cant wait to see what it is like. how is lady Knize? I thought belle Epoque was nice and Knize Classy.

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