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Mystery of Musk

Dionysis by Lord's Jester - Adam Gottschalk, Perfumer

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I'm wearing Dionysis this morning - in a few spots in various levels of development.

This one opens intensely with a big plump wine note that is loaded with what seems like sticky balsam. It's heady and intoxicating - it's hard to pull your nose away from.

That stage only lasts a few minutes on me. There's a transition next that speeds through a number of olfactory images to me - some good, some not so good. I get an herbal tea with milk shortly after the initial blast dies back, lifted up with a soft wood and some deep musky undertones. As that starts to dissipate, it turns to an almost sour milk, or curdled cream note that doesn't agree with me. Fortunately, that sour note doesn't take too long to settle down and die away.

What I'm left with after that is really quite striking. I'm still getting the herbal tea, milk, woods, and hints of evergreen oils, but as everything dies back and falls in place, it locks into a strangely comforting scent with a very unique addition - something that reminds me of real whipped cream. If you make your own whipped cream, you know that sweet, mouth-watering aroma right before it hits your mouth.

At this point, the enormous evolution of this scent (the most recognizable development I've ever experienced in a perfume) seems to have gotten to its destination. It wears close to the skin, but with some really unique aspects that will keep drawing you back in to smell. There were a few moments of its evolution the first couple times I sprayed it that I didn't think would get along with me, but after getting to know it better, it's really quite intriguing. I definitely see myself enjoying this very much. Adam's blog lists Africa Stone as a note - I don't have a dern clue what that is, but if this is what I'm smelling now, count me as a fan.

Judging by Adams pricing and sizes, I'm guessing his ingredients are extremely top notch.
He also offers a sample program for $25 to try 3 of his scents. I may be wrong, but I would imagine they come in the same generous 2.5ml atomizers that Dionysus came in.


  1. Mimi Gardenia's Avatar
    Dionysus does evolve a lot and I think it's artful. Great review jrd4t. I also got the sour cream note for a while but only in one wearing. I also got the whipped cream aroma ! It's a great and interesting scent.
  2. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    Very nice description of the progression of this scent! Yes - BIG development! I'm going back to look for those creamy notes.
  3. Lisa BTB's Avatar
    Nice review. I picked up on the Africa stone because it seemed to undulate. I'll have to try this one again as well.


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