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Musk Tincture from profumo it

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Years ago, I was able to obtain animal tincture from Il Profomo. The all natural Italian company recomended by Luca Turin. The animal box had civet, amber gris, beaver and the all elusive Must Deer Tincture.

I still have it as I rarely use it and its not sold any more.

Would love to share some with a profesional perfumer.


  1. Abdul Qudduus's Avatar
    QT-STORE.COM TQ there has Chinese and Central Asian Black Deer Musk for $25 per 6ml.
  2. ManlyScent's Avatar
    for $25. Its not real. I've done those before, quite fake.
  3. Orobas's Avatar
    I hope this isn't too annoying to ask, and realize this post is a year old, but is there any chance you'd be willing to sell a very small amount for me to sample? Thank you-


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